What Foods Are Safe

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mom2be97 - January 4

Does anyone know if its ok to eat ice cream and pizza hut in your first trimester? What foods are safe? It's my first pregnancy and im 6 weeks and Im really nervous!


HeatherIsHopeful - January 4

you can pretty much eat whatever you want in moderation... tey to eat a healthy balanced diet but pizza and ice cream once in awhile will not hurt anything. as long as you are taking prenatals baby is getting a lot of the nutrients (s)he needs. they say not to eat tuna, sushi, deli meats, soft serve ice cream... all sorts of things but as long as you are very careful they are all safe in moderation excluding maybe the sushi because thats RAW fish and thats not good really ever lol. but sushi with out raw fish is fine like California rolls and such totally fine. also people will tell you to stay away from fish because of mercury but a lot of doctors will encourage you to eat fish because it is REALLY good for you and baby. try to find a list of safe fish and unsafe fish and enjoy. :) try not to stress to much on what you aren't "supposed" to do/eat and focus on happier things. a lot o women will go crazy trying to be "as safe as possible" but I personally think it does more harm than good. don't stress and always always always remember, when in doubt call you doctor.. thats what they are there for :) good luck hon. I hope you have a very happy and healthy pregnancy.


bean - January 5

Think of it this way - all foods are safe with a few minor exceptions. Stay away from large, bottom feeding fish (shark, mackerel) because these fish tend to carry more mercury than smaller fish. Fish that is really good for you is salmon, scallops, shrimp, tuna - fatty fish that are high in omega-3 fatty acids, essential for brain development. Make sure you eat fish at least 2x a week. Stay away from unnatural products and chemicals. Make sure your hotdogs are all natural (don't have manmade casings, aren't cured, and don't contain nitrates). Same goes for all meats and deli foods. It's best to keep away from soft cheeses (they tend to carry more bacteria) and make sure all your dairy products are pasturized. Heat your deli meats to steaming to kill any air-borne bacteria or viruses that can settle on meats in the deli. Ice cream - GO FOR IT! It's high in fat, calcium, and absolutely delicious. Everything an expecting mom needs! As for pizza - well, whether your pg or not it's not a #1 healthfood choice, so enjoy it as a treat rather than a staple. Like Heather said, watch out for sushi and any other raw meats (Mangolian grill, for example). Make sure you load up on fresh fruits and veggies, whole grains and lots of fiber (you'll need it for the constipation!). Nuts are wonderful (but watch the salt). Be smart and eat well and you'll be fine! Congrats!


bean - January 5

One more... I'm sure you already know, but try to limit your caffeine (soda, coffee, chocolate) and stay far away from unnatural additives like saccharine (diet sodas, diet foods). Drink tons of water and a lot of low-fat milk. Baby will love it!



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