What Foods Are You Craving Mmmmmm

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Cassie - May 19

Hello fellow pregnant mommies. I thought it would be fun to find out what everyone is craving these days. I myself am loving chicken noodle soup. What about the rest of you?


Amanda - May 19

Ok here is one thing that i have been craving .... fried bolonge sandwiches with squash satutted in b___ter I then out them on my sandwich !!!! Awful I know but I want a lot of fruit and vegtables so iguess thats good the only other thing that i am craving is BEER which is funny because I usually nnever drink DON"T WORRY I HAVN"T HAD ANY but it is a weird craving ... what can isay hormones are a strange thing


Amy - May 19

Hi ladies...I crave TONS of things...My baby is turning me into a real sicko I tell ya...Lol...My main things that I have to have almost daily though are a Snickers candy bar and a cherry flavored Icee...I won't go into the digusting cravings...I know you're already nauseous...Lol.


dani - May 19

I'm craving egg salad sandwiches, cottage cheese, yogurt w/ granola and a lot of mexican food!!! Fruits / veggies don't sound so appetizing right now....i'm sure it will pa__s.


Gina - May 19

French fries and tarter sauce.


K - May 19

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and Taco Bell Burrito Supremes


Ca__sie - May 19

Yeah, I do have to agree that Mexican food has more of a pull on me now than it ever has before.


Karen - May 19

Hi all I'm an Asian & I do crave for hot & spicy food.


B - May 20

Fresh Fruit (anything really sweet), Mexican food, and green olives. Oh yes...donuts too.


YellowBear - May 20

I crave mashed potatoes and chicken soup. but i detest meat!!!


T's_Mom - May 20

I am craving potatos alot - baked, fried, mashed! I also am loving red meats and sour stuff like pickles - that's quite the combination, eh?


Bree - May 20

KFC mashed potatoes and gravy with a hamburger steak & gravy! Also, campbells abc vegetable soup for some strange reason. .................Hey, when do pregnant women usually start cravings? I'm only 9 weeks!!! Don't want to get huge. I'm trying to watch it, but can't hardly stomach veggies! I'm getting plenty of fruit and a decent (could be better) amt of milk products, but anything green is starting to repulse me!!! any ideas?


vanessa - May 20

I too am going on 9 weeks and I have started having more cravings. My biggest one has been tomato juice with celery sticks. I eat that EVERY night. I also love dill pickles, chicken noodle soup, macaroni & cheese and tropical flavored sugar-free ice pops. Yum. I'm am starting to crave sandwiches on crusty breads like salami.... ooohhhhhh. I haven't got a taste for sweet things - which is the exact OPPOSITE of how I normally am - so for me it's salty, salty, salty!! Don't worry if veggies and fruits don't sound good now.... that should change as the morning sickness subsides. When your stomach is upset it wants the easy to digest carbs and comfort foods. Be good to yourselves and try to keep it all in moderation. Happy eating mommies!!!


Amanda - May 20

I will be 9 weeks on Monday 23rd. I have had craving like PICKLES, chicken noodle soup, and Mexican Food. Although I ate mexican last night and it didn't quite agree with me. I am lucky that i haven't had any morning sickness just nausous after I eat in the morning.


Kathy - May 21

Watermelon... I ate a small whole one in three days and spicey curly fries


Jessie - May 21

I have been craving veggies and pickles. (But no ice cream)


kc(casey) - May 21

French fries and a frosty from wendys



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