What Helped You Conceive

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cherryzz08 - January 18

My hubby and I have been Trying for 5 months now. We havn't had any luck yet. we are both still in our twenties. Are there any remedies, I dont know I guess I'll try anything now. I hope this is the month. I ovulate around the 25th- 29th of January. ~~~BABY POWDER DUST~~~~


lc - January 19

After trying for five months, I ordered one of those saliva ovulation microscope tests. I became pregnant the first month I used it. My doctor thought I was not ovulating and had prescribed Clomid for my next period. Thankfully, I never had to use the Clomid.


softbreeze200 - January 20

We tried Preseed lubricant. It is the only lubricant out there designed specifially for conception and does not harm the sperm. Sometimes your cervical mucus that carries the sperm is not the right quality. Were not sure if that was the case with us, but either way it worked that month!! I wish you all the best!! Baby dust to you!!


billsgirl - January 20

after a year and a half i tried all the "home remedies" from musinex to EPO. this last month i decided to stop useing tampons and switch to pads because i know that tampons create an unfriendly environment for sperm. i also made sure that i took an extra complex b vitamin along with my multi and also gave it to my bf. i decided to stop concentrating on my actual O date, and start makeing sure to do alot of bding the week before. i also began to pray and just lift it up to God. good luck toyou !!


nola-gal - January 20

I had skipped a period and gotten negative pregnancy tests. then one day i was sooooo wet with what i know now is EWCM. i thought i was getting my period, so we had s_x without protection. turns out i must have been ovulating. I know that was the day because we used protection all other times. but not anymore because i am nw 14 weeks. sorry of this is TMI, but i think it helps to know that for me, i was super wet all day and "wanted" s_x really bad. didn;t know this meant i was fertile because we were not trying. but we are so happy and are truly blessed. hope this helps. just relax and wait till you are just dying for s_x...they say that's when its time. like those times when you just want to do it, not even any foreplay. Again, sorry if TMI. good luck to you!


sonia73 - January 21

I used fertility friend website, taking my temp everyday, noting the temp dips for ovulation. Good luck to you.


hoping01 - January 21

We had been trying off and on for about a year and a bit, but steadily for the las 7-8months and nothing was happening. I tried temping, OPK's (line or no line kind) and nothing. I have very irregular cycles so I went to the DR to see if something was up. I then had and HSG test done....(tests to see if anything is blocking the tubes) everything was normal and the DR told me that women who have this test done with everything fine usually get pregnant within a few months. I decided that I was going to buy the Clearblue Digital Fertility Monitor and here I am....6wks2dys pregnant. I had the HSG done in December 2007. I would recommend the Digital to anyone! I found out that I do in fact ovulate because of it!!!


tdo - January 24

Vitamins, Yoga, acupuncture, eliminated caffeine and most sugar from my diet was pregnant 3 weeks later. Good luck!!


Jill.T. - January 24

i was on clomid for two months. Try it all and then use prescription drugs if you have too


AmBam - January 24

We had been trying for 4 months. The first month I temped every morning and used opks I got pregnant. My problem was I was ovulating later than I thought, so we weren't baby dancing at the right time.


caseyann - January 26

I had a HSG test done last month, they cleared my tubes out, the doctor started me on Clomid on my cycle the same month, we used OPK and boom, got a BFP the very first month trying. I know things will work out for you, just keep the faith!! Baby Dust to you!!


alirenee86 - January 26

Lots and lots and lots and lots of s_x :):):)


Nemo - January 29

Im 40 and after a miscarriage (and the feeling I was running out of time) I decided to chart my cycle. This was an accurate indicator of ovulation which subsequently helped me to conceive - you could use this in conjunction with OPK's.


llukenjess - January 29

this may sound funny but being drunk helped 5 friends of mine...and doing it like rabbits!!


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - January 29

If you are completely full b__wn about it, it may be harder. I say you just let the trying go and have fun.


julepowers - February 1

My DH and I tried for over a year and I ended up taking Letrozole, which stimulates the follicles to grow. It's different than Clomid, in that it doesn't have side effects like drying up CM. We got prego the FIRST time with letrozole (also called Femara). It was a life saver!!!! I tried everything prior to taht...ovulation predictor kits, temping, charting, s_x everyday, everyother day. We were drained!!! I'm 9.5 weeks now and feel horrible with m/s, but so glad that I took the Letrozole. Your regular OBGYN can perscribe it.



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