What Is Up With Husband

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Dana - November 27

I don't want to be vulgar, but here is something I don't understand about my husband and I am wondering if anyone else has a similar situation!!! My hubby is so concerned with m not harming the baby ( he tells me to " walk slowly" up and down the stairs, he gets mad when I lay on my stomach, I shouldn't exercise or make sudden movemenst) It is so silly it is hilarious, but then he want to have hardcore "loving" everynight and in that case he isn't worried about the baby anymore... what the h__l is up with that???? I am 2 months and not in the mood at all,.....


Deb - November 27

Maybe you should get him to do some research about what is safe during early pregnancy. Sounds pretty funny...my dh on the other hand is acting the opposite. I have been lying on the couch all the time with no energy to do anything, and he acts like I am "faking it"! He says he is just bugging me, but I think deep down he thinks I am milking this for all it's worth, which I'm not. He doesn't want to have s_x with me, which is great, because I'm seven weeks and definitely not in the mood either.l


Lyz - November 27

Im 9 weeks and not in the mood either and thats not like me, so he's having to adjust. lol


Jocelyn - November 27

My husband moans at me too, he doesn't want s_x incase we "harm" the baby, and he seems to think that I am playing on my symptoms. Now forgive me, but it's not my idea of fun to be sick EVERY morning and evening for teh past 12 weeks. Some days he is fine and very loving... I miscarried last time, so I put it down to him being worried


Dia - November 27

Dana, that is strange! If anything, having "hardcore" s_x is more harmful to the baby than sleeping on your stomach - especially since you are so early on!


Ashely - November 27

Hi My husband is the opposite also. He only wants to do it if I say its ok. Like if I'm feeling ok that day. But we're still newlyweds so he's having to adjust. We've been married almost 3 months. and I"m 7 wks along. I'm never really in the mood to have s_x. And very tired all the time. Just unmotivated feeling. He's says i"ve been being lazy. I haven't been sick yet though. Anybody else feel like me too.


nadine d - November 28

I felt really unmotivated s_xually for the first 3 months....very unlike me. Now at 14 weeks, i promise the sickness subsides, the hangover feelings go, you become more motivated and less lazy and you do want physical love again...relax you are all normal. Best wishes to you all


danielle - November 28

AMEN TO THAT! I am not in the mood what so ever!



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