What Is Your Baby S Heart Rate

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redsonya - January 20

Hi everyone. I'm seven weeks and 3 days. I had my u/s a couple of days ago and I saw my little bean's heart beat. The nurse said the rate was 122 whcih was good/normal. But I've been reading on this forum and someone had an u/s and had a heart rate of 117 and her doctor said that was low. Then she (Debbie) went in and had a heart rate of 150 a few weeks/days later. Is my baby's heart rate low? Like everyone, I'm scared of miscarrying. i've had one before (at 13 weeks) and I'm 35. Please someone respond to ease my mind


javidsgirl - January 20

sweetie you are fine a babys rate should be between 120 and 170 so you are just fine


nate11 - January 20

the first time me and my fiance went to the Doc. she had the heart rate checked and it was 164 that was when she was 2 months but ive heard that the heart rate jumps up and down sometimes


ROBYN - January 20

I am 10 weeks had an u/s at 9 weeks it was 139 I was freaking out the nurse said everything is fine the baby is not doing much went in Thursday for another u/s and it was 179. The heart rate fluctuates dont worry everything is fine.


MommyMeg07 - January 20

They would tell u if it was low - they've seen it a million times. It's always going to be different for different people depending on what the baby has been doing... moving a lot, etc.


DownbutnotOUT - January 20

Your baby is fine, my 2 boys had heart rates 150-155 and my daughter who is a healthy and very bitc** diva is 22 months and her heart rate was between 120-125. though when I was in early labour and attached to that machine her heart would dip to 115 and jump sometimes into 200 beats per minute for a few seconds than drop to 117 120 and go from there. It is nothing at all to worry about. With this baby im carrying now the heart beat was 121 and than a few minutes later 117, next one was 176, than 168, 146 and now its between 150-155. I just had a u/s yesterday that showed a healthy little wee one bouncing its b___t of my bladder :)


debbie80 - January 21

Hi Redsonya- I see that you read my post about my baby's heart rate. I think you will be just fine. Dececting a heart beat is a good thing! As long as you are not under 100 I think your little bean is fine. I am still a little nervous because I do not go back until my 12 week mark...I just pray that my little bean is still there...keep your head up!


redsonya - January 23

Thanks Debbie. Actually, I've been following your baby story. Hope all is well with you!


charmy - January 25

at 7 w 3 d my baby's heart beat was 140


nic - January 27

At about 6.5 weeks our bean's heartbeat was just 120.... I was worried about that but I read a chart somewhere on the net that that was normal for such an early pregnancy. A couple of weeks later I had another ultrasound and it was up to 170 or so. The heartbeat tends to get faster as it gets older.


Katz - January 28

At 10 weeks, mine was 176 and I was told it was normal.


flipthea - January 28

I'm 10 weeks preg. and the baby's heart rate is 185. I asked the doc if too fast but he said that's normal at this time.


ginger6363 - January 29

7w3d hearbeat approx 150-160.


lawlady72 - January 29

at 8 weeks mine was 160


margie - January 29

i'm between 7 or 8 weeks depending on if youre going by LMP or ultrasound date....the ultrasound shows about the same age as yours and the heartbeat was 120 and she said that was normal.



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