What Names Have You Picked Out

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Prissanna - December 19

Girl - ??? Boy - Robert Murphy ??? DH, his dad, and his granddad are all Robert so that is a given. Murphy is my Mother's maiden name and her parents were killed in a car wreck 5 years ago so it is a rememberance kinda thing. I'm just not totally sold on Murphy yet. Murphy would be what we called him so I'm still batting it around.


Cabbie - December 19

Emma Elizabeth for a girl: Emma was my husbands great grandma and Elizabeth is my only aunts middle name. No name yet for a boy, I don't think we'll need it....who knows.


Angela W. - December 19

Hi, we are having twins, so now we have to be prepared with two names instead of just one. For girls, we are set Jocelyn (josie) Lela (my G-Grandmothers name) and Alaina (Lainey) Katheryn (my mother's middle name) We are still arguing over boys names. It was so easy with our ds name, the first time we said it, we knew that would be his name and we never thought about it again. I guess we are looking for that kind of experience again this time!


KAY - December 19

If it is a boy- Cole Dalton (I am fighting for Cole Austin). If it is a girl we have 2 names, we can't decide. Charley Ann or Larkin Paige. But I am very early preggo, so we have time. I am just 5 weeks.


Allyson - December 20

so far we have a gurls name but no boys names yet. girl- Ezera Irene


jen - December 21

i got a girls name -Lydia but not sure on a boys name yet. bet it will be a boy anyways lol


kira - December 21

I like Layla Jeanette, and for a boy Maxwell Joseph. My dp doesnt care for layla. But we both have already started calling the baby max. hehe- its the casino's fault. With the 'Bet Max' b___ton on the slot machines, my dp wouldnt press it saying "hunny dont you want a girl, if you press the b___ton its probably working against you." So the whole night i pressed the 'Bet Max' b___ton cause secretly i want a boy first.


Jill - December 21

I like Ca__sidy and Sage for a girl, For a Boy I like Gabriel and Nicholis.


Me - December 21

I like Talan John for a boy and Isabella Lynn for a girl,


Stacey - December 22

Girl: Kathryn Lois, Boy: Bishop Sterling


krc - December 22

GIRL - Ava Jean BOY - Ethan Daniel


stephanie - December 22

girl: Sophia Kaye boy: Simon Michael


sara - December 23

daughter is already named Gemma. I like Ethan or Evan if we get our boy this time. best wishes to all.


AD - January 2

I'm 12 weeks...if its a girl she will be called Lauren Claire (after both grandmothers), and if its a boy we're still up in the air..... David Luke (call him Luke) or my favorite is Logan Jack.....


Allyson - January 2

we now have a boys name and a girls name ! Girl- Ezera Irene after her aunt Boy- Andrew Dawson


Tess - January 3

If its a girl we would name her Isabelle Lorraine and if its a boy it would be either Juan Carlos *JC* or Alexander James *AJ*


rachel - January 4

We like Macy Marie or Avery Nicole for girls and Reed Garrett for a boy



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