What Prenatal Vitamin Are You Taking

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erinsoul - February 7

When I was pregnant before (son turns 1 next week) the prenantal vitamin was a single horse pill size. This time around the doc prescribed a prenatal that comes in 2 pills - pregnancy supplement with omega 3 supplement. Don't remember the name. Just wondered how different prenatals were effecting people, I know some can be a little "harsher " than others. Anyone taking the 2 pill prescription?


jessicaspatherapist - February 7

i'm taking LifeFitness brand...they are not huge, don't smell and don't taste gross...best of all they contain ginger which really helped me in my first tri with the bad nausea i had....once i started taking those vitamins the nausea subsided.


erinsoul - February 7

oh wow! I want those!


jessicaspatherapist - February 7

look on cvs.com they have them there.


JulieK - February 7

This time around I am just using the Jamieson brand prenatals. Last time I was on the 2 pill prescription but I couldn't keep them down.


moescrilla - February 7

with my son I was on prenate elite, which is one of those ones in the bubble packaging (I HATE THOSE WITH A PASSION!!!LOL) But, they had a stool softener in them also, so that was great. But, this time, I'm taking NatalCare Plus, which is in a bottle. Its on walmarts 4 dollar plan.


ChattyKathy - February 7

I'm supposed to be taking Basic brand but I just can't stomach them anymore. I'm planning on doubling up on flinstones instead. My doc also gave me these DHA pills. They're red.. supposed to help with brain development.


lissica - February 7

I'm taking Materna from centrum. It's just one pill and also one my doc recommended.


Hailsa24 - February 8

I am currently taking 2 gummi-vites a day, along with a 400mg folic acid supplement. yummy :) Good luck.


squished - February 8

I take the Walgreens brand prenatal b/c so many people have told me that they don't make them sick. I also take a DHA, Omega 3 supplement called Expecta.


kristinns25 - February 8

At first my doc prescribe primacare (or something like that) that was an A.M and a P.M pill. It made me so sick! Now I am on the same brand but it is just one big purple pill... but I gag at the thought of taking it so I am currently taking two flintstones!!! They still burn my stomach. I hope I can stomach the prenatals soon.


flipthea - February 8

I got a prescription for a chewable prenatal but when I went to the pharm to get it, I found out I still have to pay $40 despite of my insurance! NO way, I'll either stick to my reg. prenatal or get flintstones. Does the flintstones taste bad? I got a walmart brand and it tastes nasty!


AmySmoak - February 8

My dr has me on Prenate Elite. They seem to work well and they don't make me sick.


lscherer - February 8

I am on NATURE MADE, Multi Pre-Natal. They are somewhat of a horse pill, but I can keep them down. They are actually pretty good!!Anyone taking the STUART prenatal?


Jessika2007 - February 8

I'm taking the jaimison brand they are easier on my stomach, and when I was a child thats all I ever took for multivitamins.....



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