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Amanda - September 6

I went to have US today. Doc thought I was 7-8 weeks due to my LMP. The US only showed a sac. Dr sent me for a hcg blood test today and another one on Thursday...and another US next week. She said it might not be a viable pregnancy or due to my irregular cycles all my life I may not be as far as a long as they thought. My hcg was 3800 last Wednesday the 25th and 395 the Friday before that. Any ideas?


Tracy - August 31

I just went through this last week. I had an US at my first visit on Aug. 19th, along with blood test. I should have been about 7 weeks also if you look at the first day of my last period. However, all you could see was a sac. I had to go back in on the 23rd to have another blood test. hCG levels were at 6,000 on 19th, but 16,000 on 23rd. They did another US on the 26th that showed a much bigger sac and you could barely see the baby. This was exactly one week after my first US. They seemed to think that I just wasn't as far along as I should have been. Had me worried all weekend that I was miscarrying. The dr. told me I had a 50/50 chance of that. ugh!! All seems fine now, though. Was told I am actually only 6 weeks. Just keep taking those blood tests. As long as your hCG levels go up, you are fine. Hubbie also made me take home pg tests that whole weekend. The line kept getting darker and darker. We knew that was a good sign.


Amanda - August 31

Thanks for your response. Makes me feel better. I will see what my blood results are from today later this week.


April - August 31

I go in on the 16th. I am only 5 weeks now... or so they think by my pregnancy test. From what I have been hearing most women have to be farther along than 7 weeks to see the baby. I will be 7 weeks I believe when I go in to the doctors.. guess its pointless to book and US.. until 8 or 9 weeks...


Amanda - August 31

Yeah they had to do one on me though as I have bicornuate uterus so they have to watch my pregnancy very closely. That is why I am so nervous.


Amanda - September 1

Tracy...my blood hCG level was 19,435 from a 3800. So they definitely went up. I have another blood test tomorrow and then an US next week, a week after my first one. Hopefully my situation with turn out like yours.


J - September 4

I had the same problem and everything is fine (I am now 10 wk).. My levels were high, but they only saw the sac with no baby at 7 weeks in my dr's office. I was very upset so he sent me straight to the hospital where the scans are higher tech. Within one minute they saw the baby and the heartbeat. I have been told I have a tipped uterus which makes it harder to see things. The hcg levels rising are a great indicator. Good luck!


Amanda - September 6

Thank you. You mentioned something I forgot my doc had said, that my uterus doesn't sit correctly either so seeing things might be harder as well. Again thank you!


louise - February 16

souns like your pregnant hunni, but i must say, there is some info n unviable pregnancies, called molar pregnancy.have alook. i hope it goes well



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