What S The Verdict On Hair Colour Or Highlights

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Cathy2 - March 1

With all these other not so pleasant things happening to the body, as vain as this might sound, I'd like to keep my head lookin' pretty! : ) SO what the consensus on hair colour? NIne months of roots will be hideous!!!!!!


COL - March 1

Hi I fixed this issue by buying my own hair color from a natural store. They are 100% natural no harm, and took it to my hair dresser and used it, its very good and the same color I wanted. Just to be in the safe side. Some people will tell you they dyed there her and its fine, well, why take the chances? Its proven that they found the chemicals in the hair color products in the urine, so it does get absorbed. And when you go to your hair dresser, ask her to keep you in a very well ventilated area. Good luck.


aliciavr6 - March 1

I've been dying my hair normally.


Punkin - March 1

Another risk is that "your" chemical makeup changes, so your hair color might not "take", or it might come out all wrong. I know a lot of hair dressers do not gaurantee color on pregnant clients! Also, I have had many pregnant people do my hair while they were pregnant and their babies came out just fine!!


KSM - March 1

I have heard/read that it is safer to use highlights than to put color right on your head. so as long as it doesn't soak in and you don't breathe it, i think it's ok. at least that's what i'm going to tell myself!


afireinsideamanda - March 2

i hear as long as you use one of the non permanent.... i think theyre ammonia free...and more natural(youd have to do it more often obviously) you shouldnt worry. but i agree. 9 months of roots...ew. my hair color is naturally a light brown and i dye my hair black so can you imagine the drastic roots?


tk07 - March 2

hi! i have read in a book that if you dye your hair every once in a while highlights or full color not to worry. if it was often you were around it then it would be more of a concern. in the book it said often like a hair stylist! there is nothing wrong with coloring your hair. even stylists have healthy babies and are around it everyday. but if you are still concerned then try and find a more natural one.


KWaits - March 2

My nurse told me yesterday that it was perfectly safe.


Jbentley - March 2

My doctor told me to avoid it for the first trimester but then it's totally fine


Bellas Mom - March 2

I would say just wait until your into your second trimester. Better be safe than sorry. After that, go right ahead, just in a well ventilated area.... I think I dyes my hair for the first time with my first pregnancy around 16 weeks. But by 36 weeks, I dyed it every 2 weeks, to make sure I looked "good" in my labor pictures, hahahaha. Talk about being vein!!! lol


MrsShelton217 - March 2

since highlights are not actually applied to where it comes in contact w/ your scalp... they are considered safer than all over color... as far as the "fumes"... well My doc told me that its not so much that they are harmful.. but they can make a pregnant woman sometimes feel nauseas... since we are already sensitive to smell.... well... you get the idea


Tammy276 - March 2

it is safe, but wait until your second trimester.


DeeD - March 2

I am a hairdresser. I have done color, perms etc while I was pregnant, I have had it done when I am pregnant. I have never had a problem, nor have I seen any other women have problems. Often times I have seen hairdressers do a poor job an blame it on pregnancy or medication. I think it is really more a wives tale than anything. If you are concerned, don't do it. But there is no evidence to suggest otherwise. The FDA would have lables all over the place if it were an issue. Talk with your hairdresser and see what he/she suggests. Then make up your own mind. If it will worries you, then don't. Otherwise, go for it. Look pretty and feel good!



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