What To Call The Unborn Child

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kimc - December 16

DH and I want to call our baby something while its growing in me, but don't like the standard "Bean" or "Beanie"... what are some of you calling your new addition?


Chaney - December 16

Kimc, we call our little one "jo jo". Our last name is Jones and that is how we got it. Anyway, we thought it would be fun to pick a name that could work for a boy or girl that we have no intentions of really naming our child.


TCB - December 16

well call our baby goober...I really dont know how we came up with that one.


kimc - December 16

I guess once it become more real to us (first U/S maybe) we will come up with something personal... someone else calls their's peanut... I like that! Thanks for the suggestions Chancey and TCB!


lmao - December 16

you'll never believe it... we call ours ... cledus the fetus


kimc - December 16

LOL... that is PRICELESS!


elkay - December 16

That is AWESOME!


Nita - December 16

we call ours Lil' monsty!! :) Because of the havoc he is making me go through (u know nausea/vomiting/heartburn....


Laci - December 16

We call ours "our little Booger", cuz at our first appt. they did an ultrasound and i said it looked like a little booger.


mama-beans - December 17

Ours is called the "wee one" or the "little one" until we find out the gender end of January.


mama-beans - December 17

oh, we called our daughter "peanut"


Olivene - December 18

Usually I just say "Baby" or Pee Wee. Today my husband started saying Junior.


Deb - December 18

My dh calls ours Reggie, and Regina. It's really kind of silly. Sometimes when telemarketers call my dh pretends to be Reggie Walkerson (made up name) to have some fun with them. So, when we found out I was pregnant, he started calling it Reggie. I asked him "What if it is a girl?", so sometimes he calls it Reggie, and sometimes Regina.


Allyson - December 18

when i refure to the baby i call it a he but i don't have a name yet. my boyfriend calls are baby jr we don't know the s_x yet but he want it to be a boy! lol


Prissanna - December 19

We called our first one Pedro (not sure where that came from). I a__sumed we would call this one Pedro as well but DH has started calling it Jr. Now he's got DD calling it Jr.


me - December 21

peanut is what my hubby calls it.


Stacey - December 22

After we saw our ultrasound we started calling it "little alien"



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