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em - January 10

Question: Im 19 nearly 20 and im 7 weeks pregnant I have been with my partner for 3 yrs and were engaged hes not sure he wants to keep the baby and I'm not sure what I want to do any advice ? (from the uk)


to em - January 10

Hi, You should both do some soul searching in what you want to do and communicate that to each other. If you are engaged to be married and both of you don't want to have this baby go ahead with what your heart desires. But make sure it's something you both want to do as it may cause problems in your marriage later on. If you want this baby and he doesn't listen to your own heart and keep it. Men usually come around when you start showing and he will be more in tuned with his child to be – but that’s no guarantee. A few years ago I had an abortion. We weren't married then (he is now my husband of 3 years) and he was in schools still. We both knew we could not afford to have kids at the time and if we had our lives today would have been way different. I always have wanted to give my children everything they deserved and not deny them anything. At the time I was not able to do that so I went ahead with the abortion for the better of our lives and the lives of our future children. We are pregnant again and this time it's planned and we are in a lot of ways ready for this. I think about the abortion I had, but I don't regret it because I look at the life we have now. I guess what I'm trying to say is this; don't do anything unless you are sure of it. And make sure your partner is aware of your feelings. If you have this child, you should have his support or at least the support of your family. If you decide to abort the pregnancy then make sure that it's something that YOU want to do, and not do it just for him because later down the road your relationship will be affected by this. It's a really tough choice to make...but either way you will survive. Don't do anything that down the road you will think it was a mistake. I for one am sure of the decision I made years ago and so I can go on living and even though I'm not proud but at least I don’t regret it. Do what is best for you and what the logic in your heart tells you. That’s my advice. Good luck.


abortion is murder!! - January 10

you should have thought about that before you got pregnant,keep it!


em - January 10

to the person who says abortion is murder unless u know how im feeling and what my suitation is don't go giving me advice like that. I was on the pill but had a infection and the medication i was on interfered with my pill so the pregnancy was a accident and i did n't know it was going to happen



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