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karen - September 29

I am 10 weeks so I'm not showing yet, but my stomach has gotten too big to wear my regular pants. I know we're probably all going through this in one stage or another, so how do you deal with that? I'm trying to use a rubber band to hold the top together, but my fly is partially unzipped, and none of my shirts are long enough to cover that. How soon is too soon for maternity clothes?


bean - September 29

just a thought - can you buy a larger pair of pants for now? That's what I'm thinking of doing. I figure larger pants will come into use even after the baby, cause chances are I won't fit into my size 6 for some time... I'm planning on buying some 8 and 10's for a while until I absolutely have to do maternity clothes. Maternity are just sooo expensive! Also - friends recommended to shop at salvation army or thrift stores as well...


karen - September 29

I really didn't want to buy larger non-maternity pants, because just one pair won't help much. But you're right--after the pregnancy, I don't think I'll be fitting into pre-pregnancy stuff for a while!


Hi Karen - September 29

My sister got something called belly belts while she was in her inbetween stage. She found them on the internet and they b___ton into your regular pants, but give you some breathing room. Hope this helps!


Marlene - September 29

Hi karen I've been going through the in between stage for like a month now.I just brought maternity pants and rolled them up until they can fit me.My mother said that i would be able to fit them soon or later and if i start buying them now it wont cost as much because I'm buying a little at a time.Goodluck Oh by the way i'm 15wks today and still in the in between stage.


Allie - September 29

Hi Karen, I'm 12 weeks and started to wear maternity pants, they are so comfy!! I bought the ones that have and adjustable waistband so I can adjust them, one of them is too big but I roll it up, and it does the job. I guess that if I'm going to spend on maternity outfits I better start wearing them early and not expending extra money for in-between clothes. Also there are some shirts with a back strap to adjust it so they don't look huge when you have a little belly. I could fit on my regular clothes until a week and a half ago and from one day to the other I just pop out and couldn't fit anymore. Good luck!



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