What To Do In The Meantime

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Jody - May 20

I'm pg if a hpt was right. Looks like I should be 5w1d today. Problem is my dr. won't see me until 8 w. How do you handle the wait? It seems like a lot of important stuff happens in the first 2 months. I'm paranoid about what to do, what not to do; what to eat, what not to eat, etc. I'd love to hear from those w/ experience and I'd love to join up w/ those in the same boat as I am.


Amy - May 20

Heres the obvious and very important things...Don't drink alcohol, don't smoke, be cautious of what medications you take: Tylenol, Tums, Sudafed, Benadryl, and Mylanta are all pregnancy safe. Do not come in direct contact with/breath in any cleaners/chemicals. Cut back on caffeine as much as you can. Start taking Prenatal vitamins as soon as possible once a day (any brand is fine.) Don't lift anything extremely heavy (over 35 lbs.) Try to get a little more rest each night cause your body definetely needs it. Relax...stress isn't good for you or baby. For nausea try saltine crackers, gingerale, frozen drinks (non-alcoholic of course), and ginger root pills (they are safe to take on pill 2-4 times daily as needed.) Hope this helps hon.


Amy - May 20



Lily - May 20

Amy has some great suggestions. Another couple, are frozen popsicles for your nausea, I found those to be a lifesaver for me. I chose ones from Edys with natural fruits and no added sugars. Something to add to Amy's comment about saltine crackers, is eating them BEFORE you get out of bed in the morning, keep some by your bed with a gla__s of water, and after your done eating them, sit up slowly. Mint tea (the herbal stuff) is also good for nausea, I found that brushing my teeth with a mint toothpaste helped lots too! And avoid smells that you find give you nausea. Remember to put your feet up when you can, as well as wearing good shoes when you're out shopping. If you experience cramping, it's normal as long as it's not accompanied with spotting or discharge. And always remember, if something doesn't feel right, or makes you uncomfortable or unsure, call your doctor. Good Luck Jody!


ruth - May 21

hi jody...i'm in the same boat. i think i am about in my 10th week but cannot get in to my dr until 13th week. this is my first baby.


Jbear - May 22

There's a book called "What To Expect When You're Expecting" that is really helpful. Also, before taking any medications, look them up. There's a website called safefetus.com that has info on the safety of medications during pregnancy.



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