What To Expect At First Appt Help Please

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tritty - June 1

hey ladies. i'm new to all of this. i just got my bfp and eventhough it was a bfs (big fat surprise, LOL) i couldn't be happier. I think i'm currently somewhere between 6 and 8 weeks but my first doctors appt isn't for another 2 weeks. what usually happens at the first visit? is this something my DH could benefit from being there??? I just don't even know what they're gonna do. any advice or experiences would be appreciated! thanks!


Nell143 - June 1

Hi Tritty Congrats! My first appointment she just asked me some questions and sent me down to the lab. They took 6 viles of blood. No fun. I think it is a good idea to get him involved right away. I did. :-) Plus I hate needles and had to have my dh hold my hand... this is going to be a long process lol. It is really up to you if it is neccesary for you to bring him.


Lala - June 1

BFS--that is so funny! I also got a bfs recently. I am 5 wks 4 days. They count from the first day of your last menstrual period to determine how many weeks "pregnant" you are (even though you've only been pregnant for 2 weeks less than that). So if you know when your last period started, you can count how many weeks you are. For your first appt. most offices just have you see a nurse. That do lots of education about pregnancy; not really any exam. Your husband might like the chance to learn alot, and ask questions too. The doctor doesn't ususally see you until sometime close to 10 weeks (because that's when he can pick up the heart rate on a doppler).. . . but if your appt is in a couple of weeks, maybe it is with the doctor? best to you!


tritty - June 1

thanks for the info ladies. i definately wanted DH to be there and he wants to be there too i just didn't know if it was unneccessary, but i think it'll benefit us both if we're both there. my doctor doesn't like to see patients until somewhere between 8 and 10 weeks so i'm a__suming i'll be seeing the doctor. i think i'm at least 8 weeks but they are counting 3 days of super light spotting as my last AF when my last "REAL" AF was the month before that. who knows, it's hard to tell when i got pg because we weren't trying. anyhow, we both have a lot to learn. thanks again!


olivia - June 1

If you are in the US they usually won't see you until week 8 or 9 (from your last period). When you go in they often start will an ultrasound (either transv____al or regular depeding on what the office you go to has). Then they do an interview and genetic q&a screening. Then you have a v____al exam, pap, cultures, and b___st exam. After that they weigh you, you pee in a cup, and they give you all your options for testing and a low down of what you can and can't due. Then they send you to the lab for bloodwork, including bloodtype, hiv, hepet_tis, and a load of other tests. My advise is to book at least 1 1/2 hours for your first exam! Other than that just show up. If they do the ultrasound you'll get to see your tiny baby. Your husband should go for the first . He has to answer the genetic questions from his side, (they can send him out for the v____al exam) and he'd want to see an ultrasound. He can skip the rest until your 19-20 week ultrasound. That's the lowdown for what happens on the east coast USA. I can't vouch for them all, but congratulations to you!!


tritty - June 2

thanks olivia! i'm actually from the east coast too! washington d.c. area. i didn't know how much they would or wouldn't do but i'm glad that it's detailed because I HAVE NO CLUE WHAT I'M SUPPOSED TO BE DOING RIGHT NOW! i talked to my hubby and he is definately coming, he wanted to. so i guess i have a lot to look forward to...... now i just have to wait to tell everyone. that's gonna be the hardest part!


HannahBaby - June 2

my doctor wont see you until 8 weeks, sometimes as late as 12 weeks


tritty - June 2

oh yes, i calculated and i think i'm about 6 weeks 5 days (that's if i count a light 3 days as my last AF) if that's not it then i'm a month farther than that. i guess the ultrasound will be able to tell more info. so when i go to my appt i'll be about 9 weeks.



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