What To Know What Your Having

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TatiK - November 21

Ladies this is sooo cool, check this out. I have three kid’s two girls and one boy. I am expecting my forth in July. By the count I should have a girl. But it is in Gods hands what we are going to have. (We would like another boy so my son can have a brother). I did this count for my mom’s kids, she had six of us :-) and only my one brother had to be a girl other wise it worked. Women’s blood changes every three years and men’s every four. Whose ever blood changed last that is what the s_x of the baby will be. For example: take women 1983 + 3 + 3 +3 up until 2007 (when you got pregnant) =2007 and men example 1976+4+4+4 up until 2007 =2004. Since the female’s blood is newer it will be a girl! Now it may not work for everyone, so don't put your hopes up to high. Also Try for your previous pregnancies and let me know. I just want to see if it's just my mom and me LOL


jennifer_33106 - November 21

So since my husband got a 2006 and I got 2007 that woud mean I woud be having a girl right? I was born in 1986 and Shon 1982. if I did it right and it did predict a girl then it would be right for me. haha


TatiK - November 21

Now that is so cool jennifer_33106 ! I guess I am not the only one that it worked for. You did it right. NICE you just made me smile :-) SO you are having a girl, right?


ShoppingForTwo - November 21

Wait I don't get it. . . Lol I'm slow at times. Oh well I was born in '86 and had a girl in June 07 and am pregnant again tell me what I'm having lol.


TatiK - November 21

ShoppingForTwo take 86+3 +3 and up until 07. Now take your hubbies birth date and do the same but adding 4 years up until 2007. If your year was the closest to the time you conceived you are having a girl!


jennifer_33106 - November 21

haha yeah we are definatly having a lil girl! That is an interesting way to have fun with gender! haha


AMBER81 - November 22

is that at the end of the three years mine changes in 2008 and my partners does as well mine 1981 and his is 1976 can you work that out thanks


AMBER81 - November 22

and would that be for the whole year or during the three years


hioannidis - November 22

That is pretty cool! If it's right then I'm having a little.........girl!! It doesn't matter to me if it's a boy or girl, but it's exciting to quess!! Can't wait to find out!!


eastcoast - November 22

That is really neat! If it works, then I'll be having a little boy -which interestingly enough, is also what the chinese prediction websites are saying:)


MammaJL - November 22

I don't get it either but I'd like to know if it's right for us, I was born in 1981 and dh was born in 1974...


BriannasMummy - November 22

It was right for a ONE out of three for us. I was born in 1981 and my dh was born in 1976. I got pregnant in 2001.. and that shows that dh was the most recent to that year.. but she's a girl.. and then I got pregnant in 2006.. which shows that I was the most recent for blood change.. and she is in fact a girl.. now Im pregnant again in 2007 and it shows that I was the most recent blood changed and the u/s showed MOST DEFINATLY that he is a boy. I guess 1 out of 3 isnt too bad. Interesting though though. ~Kristin~


meg - November 22

Do I continue adding & stop at 2007 (the year of conception)? Or do I stop at 2008? (The year the baby will be born?)


javidsgirl - November 22

well it work for me my blood would have changed last in 2004 and i had a girl in august of this year. now if i would have gotten preg this year instead of last that would intersting because both mine and hubbys changed this year lol


javidsgirl - November 22

MammaJL according to it if you are pregnant now you would be having a boy a__suming it is right


sarahnoelle6824 - November 23

okay i dont understand this.. lol my boyfriend was born in 1990 and i was 1991, what would this be??


javidsgirl - November 23

sarahnoelle6824 it woukd be a boy a__suming it is accurate



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