What To Tell Family If It S Too Early To Share

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ac - March 10

I am only 5 weeks and I am going on a short vacation with my mom and sis. How can I not drink or over exercise (which I normally do), not eat certain foods and take a rest in the middle of the day if I am wiped out without telling them I am pregnant yet? It's too early to let them know, but I am worried they may catch on. I read up on the antibiotics excuse and basically doctors say there is really no reason you can’t drink when you are on them. Help!


jenjen - March 11

i couldn't keep it a secret i told my closest friends and family right away. that's what they are there for


em - March 11

I'm in the same boat. I'm in my second trimester, and have told a few close friends, but I haven't told my family yet because my bf is away and I want him to be with me. I'm sure I see my mum looking at my pudgy belly sometimes. I'm worried they're going to guess before i can tell them. And with Easter coming up, we always do the big family gathering with all the seafood and stuff. It's going to be tricky.


To AC - March 13

Just tell them, they'll be really excited for you and if anything happends (god forbid) you'll have their support.


jj - March 13

If you are not ready to share the news, tell them you are taking a prescription for something and need to take it easy and can't drink alcohol...say..bladder infection or migraines etc..they probably won't even question it.


shell - May 10

is 4 weekss pg too early to share with the family?


Kimmy - May 10

I dont know about you but i have a very close relationship with my family, Thats your mom and your sister I am sure that they would understand and God forbid if something happens with your prgnancy im sure they would be very supportive !


Heather - May 16

My guess is maybe there is some obsessing going on about this because you’re pregnant. It should not be a big deal, but we can get so wrapped up about things when we are pregnant, at least I sure can. If you don't want to tell them then don't. If they ask, you can choose to tell them you’re not in the mood or such. But don't lie. You’re pregnant and I'm sure they can count backwards and lying would just make you look like …a liar. Personally I'd tell them but, we all are different. It is never too early to tell… well prior to a confirming Prego test would be jumping the gun ;). There is not some unspoken rule about not telling.


ac - May 17

I waited until the 3-month mark (I am now 17 weeks) and my family was thrilled. I had spotting early on, so waiting was definitely the right thing to do for me. They now know I was pregnant while I was away with them, but they completely understand that it was too early to share. I have to admit, I know too many people that ran and told fam and friends under 9 weeks and had miscarriages before 12 weeks. I am very happy my husband and I waited. And our families were completely supportive of our decision, they were not upset at all.


Davida - May 17

Tell them that you are trying to get pregnant and don't want to drink or over do it for now. Let them know that you hope to have good news in a month or so! Congratulations and prayers for a healthy baby!


Fergi - August 26

Don't worry, women's intuition will take over, you won't have to say a thing. They will know before you tell them...A women knows these things, I think it is a 6th sense.


Nicole - August 27

Everyone needs to decide what is right for them. I don't know why people keep it a secret from those that are close to you. I have had two m/c and I am pregnant again and I still told my family and best friend. They are my support system thru good times and bad. I would just tell them.


anon - August 27

hon, you have obviously decided on your own that you are not ready to tell anyone yet and that is completely your desicion. Maybe you could tell them you have not been feeling well or are getting over the flu or something-or balme it on good ol' pms-which has very similar symptoms to pregnancy anyway! Best of luck to you!!!


Crystal - August 29

I feel your pain. I have had 3 miscarriages and I am afraid to tell anyone b/c then I always miscarry. Although I haven't had any of the problems a__sociated with miscarriage, and I am around 7-8 weeks and worried. I do have a four year old daughter, and I didn't tell anyone I was pregnant with her until I was 17 weeks. It's just easier for me that way, but I guess it depends on the closeness between yourself and those who know. :)



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