What To Tell Friends Winetasting

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Brooke - May 19

So I just found out that I am pregnant, and my girlfriends and I are going wine tasting this weekend. How I am going to tell them that I can't drink without telling them that I am pregnant. It is way to early to tell them. Also, can you test wine and spit it out without it affecting the baby? You know how some people don't swallow it when they are tasting it.


Lynn - May 19

Your girlfriends are going to know - especially if you usually like wine and especially if any of them have kids. I don;t think it would really do anything if you just swished it around and spit it out, but personally, I wouldn't even do that (but that's just my own personal comfort level...)


Ca__sie - May 19

Brooke, I had to tell my friends because of the whole drinking thing too. We were going to go to a martini bar. I had to back out last minute because I found out I was pregnant. I didn't know what else to do, so I just told them.


Re:Brooke - May 19

I hate to tell you to lie, but if your not ready to tell them don't. 1. Tell them you on medication and you can drink. 2. Tell them you given up drinking. (Truth right?) 3. Don't go. 4. Tell them you're feeling (that day) 5. Tell them (that day) that you've had an upset stomach. 5. Tell them you have a doctors appointment and they told you not to drink. 6. Tell them you have to do blood work and can't drink before 7. Tell them you're giving blood (truth right?) 8. Tell them you gave blood and are still feeling weak (truth right? 9. Tell them you took some asprin for a headache and you're afraid it will mix with the Alchol 10. The them you're trying and you want to start getting your body in shape. BTW how many weeks are you?


Brooke - May 19

I just found out this morning, so I am probably only 3-4 weeks, too early to tell people. I just know they are going to know. I don't think there is any way out of this one.


To Brooke - May 19

The day of the tasting, call and tell them you are sick as a dog. And steer clear of them for a few days - then a week later say you are going to the doctor because you still feel bad. Then tell them the doctor put you on 2 weeks of antibiotics for a stomach virus. That explains why you cant drink and buys you 3 weeks.


Re:Brooke - May 26

So what happened?


CHH - May 27

I use the medication reason, which isn't a lie, I'm on blood thinners. I also play the designated driver card. Or headache, or just not feeling good. Or just sinply don't want to drink. I'm curious how it turned out for Brooke!



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