What Was Your Deciding Factor To Do Not Do Ivf

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isa - May 2

I am at that stage where we have done 6 iui's no luck. We are going through the info stage of ivf. What was your deciding factor to do or not to do ivf and are you pregant from it. How many ivf tries did it take? I am 40 1/2, dh 42. We have some male factor issued so we will do icsi if we go for it. Thanks for your stories.


Trixiedoodle - May 3

I am 32, DH is 34. We have been trying to have kids for 7 years. Our only natural conception ended in a missed miscarriage 3 years ago. We still wanted kids so for us, there was no deciding factor other than to try everything possible. We have had 1 cycle only. I had my retreival on March 28, 06 and my transfer on March 31, 06. 1 embryo transferred. I got a positive blood test on April 13th and saw my beautiful twin heartbeats on April 29th. We did ICSI as well-had 3 mature eggs but only 1 fertilized and then(lucky us), it split. We are thrilled. Good luck to you.


isa - May 4

wow, thats fantastic. I never even thought of getting twins on one egg. I hope all goes well with your pregnancy with both little ones. It must have been one very good egg. What meds were you on for your cycle ?


Trixiedoodle - May 5

Thanks Isa. I realize that success like this is probably rare but I am very thankful just the same. I truely believe that this is our miracle. Anyway, I was on the usual meds I think...Suprefact, Puregon, & trigger (all as injections) plus estrogen (my natural levels are low) and progeterone suppositories. I am off everyhting except my multivitamin (which I am finding hard to swallow due to increased m/s) and folic acid. They told me the 1 egg they transferred was a 8-3 meaning 8 cells or cell divisions and grade 3 (graded 1-5 scale, 3 being most usual occurring). To be honest, the whole procedure was much less intrusive than I thought it would be. Some minor discomfort during procedures but nothing too bad. I'm already thinking I will do it again when the time comes. I wish you luck in whichever decision you make!


sarahg - May 6

I had two embryo transfers (IVF/ICSI), they took out eight eggs, in the UK they can only transfere two, and have just found out it was twins on the first attempt. I had IUI - three cycles and inpatiently wanted to go for the highest success rate so decided to quit IUI - I couldn't take the dissapointment and highs and lows. IVF is more involved, it takes two cycles as you need to start injections for a month before egg collection, you start to feel like a pin cussion, but maybe worth it, they said the success rate for me (I'm 30) jumps from around 20% to 50%. I think you should check if your clinic has any stats on success rate for age, because this decreases as the quality of eggs decrease with age. But they can take out around ten eggs, and inseminate the best ones that fertilize so especially with ICSI might be good for you!!


isa - May 6

Hi Sarah thanks for responding. I just had my ivf orientation yesterday and our success rates are phenomenal for over 40 at my clinic. In 2005 they had a 52% success rate. I'm so glad to hear yours worked out the first time. I'm used to injections from 5 of my iui cycles so i'm not too worried about giving them. I would be on Puregon (same thing as Follistim), and Luperon as my suppressor. Ovidril then estrace, prog supps, prometrium etc etc after words. We too would do icsi as we havent even been able to fertilize. I am afriad of mulitples though. It's such a big financial decision for us.



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