What Was Your Implantation Bleeding Cramping Like

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luvmyike - November 14

Ladies my Af wasn't due until the 15th. But I started with mild cramping and mild backache a week before. on yesterday I got brown spotting and my cramps got stronger-I thought it was AF but my flow is much lighter . I have been ttc for 7 months now and I have endo. Could this be implantation? Anyone experience implantation? How was it for you?


vonzo - November 15

I had what I thought were period cramps in my back and tummy. I had no clue I could be pregnant as I was told I wasn't ovulating so just put it down to AF. I didn't have implantation bleeding with this one but I did with my first it was 3 days of what I thought was AF. I also had alot of discharge too both times. Wait 4 days or so and take a test Good Luck hun! xx


heatherjene - November 15

I started what I thought was my period 5 days early but I had no cramps like I usually do. I tested 2 days before AF and got++. I continued to spot/bleed a little for 4 more days, then it suddenly stopped. I am now around 7 weeks!! Godd Luck to you.


luvmyike - November 15

thanks for sharing ladies! so far this morning it looks more like spotting-yesterday it was more of a light flow. I can't wait to test again. What color was your bleeding? Mine is red and brown. the red is what has me worried.


stefkay - November 15

My period didn't show the day it was supposed to so I took a test and it was a dark dark positive. 2 days later I woke up to one wipe of red mucous and was devastated. I had a blood test that day that showed my hcg to be over 900 though! after that first wipe I had light brown spotting only when I wiped for about 4 days and one more incidence of pinkish red when I wiped on the last day. I pretty much disappeared after that and I just had my first u/s yesterday and baby measured on target at 6w3d and we saw a heartbeat! I'm feeling very blessed right now as that spotting scared the c___p out of me!



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