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Hannah B - July 5

My DH and I have been ttc for about 4 months now and was curious as to what your temp was when you found out you were pregnant. I haven't started temping consistently, but am trying to understand it a little better. I would love to hear what everyone has to say...


jue - July 6

hi I have been charting my temps for 3 yrs and before I found out I was pregnant my temps were between 36.58 and 36.79, my temp when I first tested + 37.06 and went up to 37.18. I carried on charting my temps until I was 25 dpo, I am now 11.3 weeks pregnant. I was temping twice a day, first thing in the morning and last thing at night to give me a better idea on how my body temps were. I unfortunately had 15m/c over those 3yrs but I do have 2 teenage sons from my first marriage. my husband has 2 sons from his as well. I will be 36yrs old when this one is born and have found out that as you get older it takes longer to conceive naturally. I found it helped me charting my temps with ttc as I could see when I had O'ed and if my af was about to start. good luck with ttc


debbie80 - July 6

My coverline was 98.0 so when I knew my AF was due and my temps were 98.9 and 98.7 I pretty much knew I was pregnant. The funny thing was that I didnt have a HPT so I used my OPK to test and it came out positive...then went to the store and bought a HPT and it came out positive right way...I am now 6 weeks...I have been trying for 16 months and decided to use Clomid and it worked on the first try...we are so excited!


timbits - July 6

Really??? You can use an OPK to test for pregnancy?


fara - July 7

hi ther..my temp was slightly high a few days after conception..37.1-37.4..i ddint i was pregnant.. sadly i lost the baby..i'll b trying again soon.


NURSEJ - July 8

well i did not chart but i was checking my temps just to see if it was true, the whole temp increase bit. well it was b4 ovulation my temp was around 98.8. since i have ovulated and became pregnant it has been 99.4 all the time no matter the time of day. very interesting.


Dee - July 8

37.3 C...I'm now 8 weeks pregnant and my temp is still around 37.1-37.5


mrs.tumbleweed - July 27

my temp. was about 98.1


mrs.tumbleweed - July 27

my temp was 98.1 , does this mean that im pregnant?


Dee - July 27

My temp was 37.3 when I tested with an HPT the first time. It has stayed around 37.1-37.5 from then, and I am currently 10 weeks pregnant.


fara - December 21

hey ladies im wondering if ur temp can be 36.7-36.9 n sti be preg?



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