What Were Your HCG Levels At 6 Weeks

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big118girl - June 7

At 5wk 6days mine were 39186 and the doc said it was pretty normal, but the way he said it made me feel not at ease. Anyone's level close to mine??


Britney23 - June 8

Wow-thats quite high!! My hcg levels at 5 weeks 2 days were 3235, and according to online ranges, I was in the higher range. But i wouldn't be worried if I were u. its normally low hcg levels that u have to be worried about, and if they are doubling every 2-3 days. every pregnancy is different, so only time will tell. However, high levels are usually an indication of a multiple pregnancy, so be prepared!!


Britney23 - June 8

oh, congratulatons, by the way! is this your first?


big118girl - June 8

No, this is our second, but we are still quite excited. I had an ultrasound yesterday and he said there's your yolk sac and it just looked like one. I guess every pregnancy is different. How far along are you now?


Britney23 - June 8

Great! I was pretty sure there wouldn't be a problem. I'm now holding at 8 weeks 2 days, we saw bubs on screen on sunday, and a nice strong heartbeat!! I was on pins and needles because I had a really bad ectopic pregnancy 3 months before i got preggers again. We new something was wrong cos my levels weren't doubling properly, but despight warning signs, it was only caught at 9 weeks. My right tube was so damaged it had to be completely removed. So as you can imagine, I was freaking out till i saw that beautiful image on the screen! Have you had any morning sickness? I haven't-feeling thankful, but in a way i want it-it would make me feel more pregnant. whens your next scan?


big118girl - June 8

Well good luck with this pregnancy, I'm sure everything will go great!! I just started having bad morning sickness for the past four days. I feel like I cant do anything. Its quite new for me as I did not have any sickness with my first! Not sure when next scan is, probably another five weeks or so. How about you?


NVgirl - June 9

I am not sure what my numbers would have been at 5w6d... but at 3w6d = 330 and 4w6d = 4330. I am now 13w6d... so the pregnancy is progressing well. Good luck!


Elda79 - June 9

my level at 4 weeks was 577 and at 5 weeks was 5749 - Good luck to all



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