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??? - March 30

I am having a problem with nausea and my prenatals make it worse. So I haven't been taking them. Is that going to hurt my baby?


Heidi - March 30

Mine made me sick to and my doc said to take them every other day instead. I still got sick so I just quit them. Now I take Flintstones vitamins every day like other women suggested on this site. I hope my doc doesn't get on me at my next visit but I figure it's better than nothing at all. Some women never take them!


Robyn - March 30

Mine made me sick also and I told my doc that I couldnt take them and she said it was fine to skip them in the first trimester but you really need them from the second on. But by then your morning sickness should be gone and it should be easier to take them. Try taking them at night and on a very very full stomach. Good Luck, I know its hard!


js - March 30

I have a friend that would take them at bed time. That way, she would usually fall asleep before they made her sick.


Jane - March 30

Prenatal vitamins normally contains the right amount of vitamins and minerals for the development of your baby. Especially folic acid, it is essential to the normal development of your baby's spine, brain and skull, especially during the first four weeks of your pregnancy. Neural tube defects (NTDs) are birth defects that occur when the neural tube fails to close properly during the early weeks of pregnancy, resulting in abnormalities of the spine, brain or skull that can result in stillbirth or lifelong disability. Closure of the neural tube happens early in pregnancy, often before a woman knows she is pregnant. Spina bifida is the most common NTD.


D - March 30

I took my prenatal vitamins until my 9w appt. My doctor said that it defeats the purpose of vitamins if they make me so sick I can't eat. (I have been losing weight.) I quit them and started some childrens multivitamins, and it helped for a few days. I will start taking the prenatals again as soon as I start feeling well enough to survive with them! hopefully soon...


??? - March 30

Thank you all sooo much. I think I will go out and get myself some childrens vitamins also. Those even taste good :-) It makes me feel a lot better though to know that I'm not alone. I was expecting to get bombarded with people telling me that I was a bad person. Thanks.


jessica - March 30

i would suggest picking up some folic acid as well- my dr said not taking the vitems is ok iin the first trimester, but definately take the folic- prevents birth defects, spina bifita, etc., - and they by no means make ya sick!


c- - March 31

I find taking my vitamins at night instead of in the morning helps alot.


L - March 31

Jessica is right, you need folic acid.


Heidi - March 31

I always took mine at night and I was still really sick. I took them with food and tons of water. I just switched to a multi-vitamin for now.



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