Whats A Normal Fetal Heart Rate

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millerstac0878 - March 2

Hello, I had an ultrasound at 6 weeks and the hr was 101, and there was some blood in my uterus. I had another ultrasound yesterday, which puts me at 8 weeks and the blood was gone and the hr was up to 136 bpm. Although I know this isn't terribly low, I have read that it is a little low and may be a sign of a birth defect. I have a sibling with Downs Syndrome and have read that a slow heart rate can be an early sign for that too. Does anyone have any advice on this? Thanks :) Stacie


gcmickens - March 2

Stacie - you are VERY lucky! Your baby's heart rates are right on target! I have read in just about every medical reference out there that between 85 and 120 is acceptable at 6 weeks, and between 120 and 160 at weeks 8 is right on target too, so you have ABSOLUTELY nothing to worry about! I on the other hand was very worried when they only saw a hb of 70 bpm at 6 weeks! I have 6 more days to wait until I know what's going on with my lil punkin... from what I've read he/she will be a miracle baby if he/she survives the 1st trimester and goes on to be born normal, so rest in peace sister and enjoy your healthy pregnancy!


millerstac0878 - March 2

gc - thanks so much for your response...I've been searching online trying to find out if these are "normal" heart rates. The tech told me the 101 was low, but not to be concerned - well of course I was concerned! I know I've been really stressed lately, we are buying a new home and trying to sell ours, our dog has cancer, and we moe next week...so I'm thinking we are just over stressed right now! I'm sorry to hear that you are having trouble, I will keep you in my thoughts andwish you the best. Please keep me posted, I'm sure the waiting is painful, if you need to chat..I'm here. Best wishes :)


sanjavi77 - March 2

HI pls don't worry. Your baby's heartrate seems to be very normal. I am 7 weeks and 2 days and baby's HB came upto 160. All the best. I also have little discharge and cramps.


millerstac0878 - March 2

gc, is this your first pregnancy? just curious!



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