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charity - April 8

i am not sure how many weeks i am.i think 3 to 4 weeks.i had a little spotting yesterday just 2 times though. i went to the drs today and she did a pelvic exame and va___al u/s. she said there was no heartbeat and she said i would misscarry. i did have a little blood 2 spots she seen in the u/s though. i ahd blood work done and everything was great. she said i was about 6 weeks 3 days. but i dont think i am . i took 3 pregnancy test and 2 turned out negative and 1 you could just barley see the positive line so i couldnt been but just a few days i guess. but i went to the er for sickness and found out i was . the baby was so little on the u/s i couldnt even see it. so could i be 6 weeks . i am so histercul right now i dont know what to do. is anyone else going throgh this to. and what week can you hear babys heartbeat.my last period was it started feb 21, 2005 and now it is apr 08,2005 so i had to get pregnant in march right? so would i be 6 weeks and 3 days? please help me i dont know what to do....


D - April 8

I responded to your post on the "12 weeks and can't hear a heartbeat" thread... I thought I might respond again, so please forgive me, I will end up repeating some of what I said over there... According to your LMP and www.amazingpregnancy.com/duedate/ --I think you would be 6w4d. BUT, that is a__suming you ovulated on time...If you ovulated later in your cycle than 14 days prior to your expected period, you could be, say, about 4 weeks - pretty close to what you think. At 4w, that baby is so very tiny, I'm not sure you could even see it. My first u/s was at 5w4d. My baby measured 1.8 mm at that time, and early on, the baby grows so quickly. It was even hard to see with the v____al u/s - the tech had to turn the probe just right to see the tiny fuzzy shadow. From what I have read, and seen ladies say on this website, it seems that almost nobody has seen a heartbeat prior to 5 or 6 weeks, and some haven't seen one until 8-10 weeks. We didn't see my baby's heartbeat until 7w3d. I don't understand why your doctor would scare you like this so early on. Sure, any one of us might have a miscarriage, but they are not nearly as common as they sound. What kind of doctor did you see? You said you went to the ER - was this doc you saw today one from the ER, or was it an OB doc? I don't believe in telling other people what decisions to make, but since you asked, I will tell you what I think you should do - I think it is way too soon to tell whether the baby is developing appropriately or not. And I know it is impossible to do really, because I have been aware of the complications I have had with my pregnancy every second of the day, but do try to stress as little as possible... The waiting is SO difficult, but it is the best thing you can do right now. Wait and let that baby grow. You blood work showing everything as great is a VERY good thing! In a week or two, I think you should get another appointment - or even sooner if there is another doctor you could see instead. I wish you well as you make your decisions, and I'm hoping you will get really good news... Let us know how things turn out!



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