Whats Your Weird Craving

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AMBER81 - November 25

hey ladies just a curious what is your weird craving that you would not normaly eat if you were not pregnant let you know mine is vegemite and sliced tomatoes on toast it always works for me when i feel a little queezy in the mornings


stefkay - November 25

Mexican food :) I could eat burritos all day and nothing else sounds good to me. I used to like most anything too...


mjvdec01 - November 25

smoked salted almonds


ShoppingForTwo - November 25

I'm right there with you Stefkay, Mexican food really does it for me!! I can't keep it down but I really crave it.


sarahnoelle6824 - November 25

this sounds nasty but i tried pickles and peanut better, its pretty good. I have been craving sushi.. and i cant have it =[ But a big steak sounds good!!


nola-gal - November 26

all i want is vegetables and bread. like a veggie burrito or a salad with grilled cheese. meat makes me want to puke. and i amhungry ALL THE TIME!!! and you CAN have sushi, just as long as it's cooked, like bbq yellowtail rolls, or shrimp tempura rolls.


gabby509 - November 26

my new obsession is cheese and wheat thins! The only problem is that I've been eating lots of it and getting a little diarrhea the next day. But hey I'd rather have that than be constipated.


stefkay - November 26

For the most part I haven't had much of an appet_te at all! When I do get one it hits like a truck and only lasts for a hour or so, so I eat all I can right then. I'm not puking though at all, just queasy off and on.


kendra.marie - November 26

stef kay im on yours. i dont have much of an appet_te. but i eat about anything right now. but i always feel as if i will get sick. ive been craving more SWEETER things. like um kettle corn popcorn & ice creams & also i wanted a apple turnover from arbys yesterday. so i d k sweeter things are on my side. =]


stefkay - November 26

I'm such a worrywart about this pregnancy that I've been trying way too hard to do everything "right", lol...I've been eating pretty healthy and haven't had any fast food until today. I was feeling awful and out with a friend so I had her go through McDonalds drive thru (closest and fastest) and I just polished off 2 cheeseburgers and large fries. I feel like McD's is so gross normally but I couldn't resist and now I feel BAD! LOL! Ok, fast food once in a while is ok, right? I need some rea__surance as this pregnancy is making me a nutcase, ha ha ;)


ShoppingForTwo - November 26

Of course fast food is ok every now and then! Don't fret!


fefer1 - November 26

I ate a sausage muffin from mcdonalds almost every day of my first trimester with my daughter. :) She turned out healthy! You gotta eat what you can when you can. :) I tried really hard to eat healthy most of the time though. I do have a craving for cinnamon rolls though...


heatherjene - November 27

Well - Mashed potatoes with ketchup, and salt & vinegar chips. That about does it!!


Faye84 - November 27

I havent started craving anything yet, But On my last pregnancy I always had to have garlic mashed potatoes and icecream.


sandra2627 - November 27

right now i have 2 have sour cream on EVERYTHING like its a must!! lol


HeatherIsHopeful - November 27

at first all I wanted was bananas then it went more general and i wanted any and ALL fruit I could gert my hands on. other than that its just random stuff that sort of varies.. I am on the Mexican food band wagon thought lol


JaydensMommy - November 27

I find myself being turned off by so many things. The only thing I can ever come up with to eat is pasta. I have become very picky.



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