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sher - May 9

i havent had a period at all since the middle of january. husband didnt come home from korea till the begining of february and i havent had a period since. about 1-2 months ago i had tons of crampy ness...shoulders,arms ect, some stomach sickness cold like symptons for about 2-3 weeks straight. that went away and now i have faint lower abdomin paints. B--t look a little off sized(ones slightly larger). Stomach looks slightly bigger but i could be immagining it. took 3 pregnancy tests about a month and a half ago and all came out negitive. Got a drs appt thursday. hoping to find out then


bump - May 9



crystal - May 10

I'm not sure y u posted this. Are you asking a question or what?


-JennA- - May 11

if u go through and read more than one post u might notice that alot of posts throughout the forum arnt questions. Just people telling about their experiences, obviously that was what she was doing


c - May 11

Good Luck and Best Wishes


crystal - May 11

I'm not stupid. I know everything is not a question, but what she's talking about is doesn't have a point. If her husband wasn't their and she's pregnant it can't be his. I was just asking her the point of posting this, not you.(-JennA-)


Nikke - July 29

I hope things turn out in your favor. I have heard all these bring signs of pregnany in some people. Of course not all at the same time. What is up with bump? You mute. I think you bumped your head. Can you answer a question.


Anne - July 29

Bumps are a way of bringing the question to the top of the list without adding anything to the thread - you'll see a lot of them through out this forum..


kittluv1022 - July 30

3 years ago I felt pregnant. All fo my tests came back negative. It was a failed pregnancy. i was pregnant, yet nothing was progressing. I would prolly take another hpt. The doc will be able to tell you for sure tho. good LUCK!



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