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kris - November 21

i knew we are most fertile during ovulation-it seems mine gets creamy -waterish (is that ovulation ?) does that mean the "EGG" already dropped or about to drop. Am i most fertile before that watery cm -during or immediately after. OH- when we ovulate is it best to BD everyday or every other day ?


Heather - November 21

I conceived on the day of ovulation. My ewcm (egg-whitish) cm was a couple days prior and I had more watery type that day. I would reccommend doing two things to make it easier: first go to www.fertilityfriend.com and track your menstrual cycles (it's free) and that will help figure out when you ovulate and also order some cheap opk strips online at www.early-pregnancy-tests.com and start testing about the 11th day after period starts. Most people try to bd every other day about 4 days before ovulation, but it so happened that the first time we were able to bd last month was the day of ovulation and because of our schedules, we hadn't bd'd in weeks so I'm guessing those sperms were pretty potent (sorry if tmi) but I am 6 wks pregnant today.


kris - November 22

congrats heather----i really cant track because i have irregular cycles---they range from 24 to 32 days....so it is hard. so i guess when we see extra cm we are fertile like 3-4 days after ? or am i still not understanding when we are most fertile ......


Marie - November 23

Actually - being regular or irregular it doesn't matter to know when you ovulate. You just read the signs that your body gives you. For example: during ovulation your mucus is more plentiful, you want to have s_x, you notice an egg-white substance, your cervix will be high and very soft (like the feeling of your lip). After ovulation if you are not pregnant your BBT will begin to rise. If a person is not pregnant, no matter how long/ short/ regular/ irregular a woman is -she will begin menses 14 days later. It is very simple. For women who are irregular - this is great b/c you can read your own body signs. A great resource is www.ccli.org The couple to couple league is awesome and they give you direct guidance.


tam - December 16

even people with irregular cycles can calculate about 14 days with day number 1 being the first day of the start of your period. and day 9- 15 is the time to concieve.



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