When Are You Breast Supposed To Change

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debbie80 - July 13

I am currently 7 weeks pregnant and this will be my frist so I am new to all of this...The only changes that I can tell about my br___t is that more glands are coming out and they are just a tad fuller...but not major. I have been reading other post about how everyones br___t are alway so sore and that they keep on growing....did anyones br___t really not change at all during pregnancy? Im getting worried if mine dont start changing....is that a bad thing if they are still normal at 7 weeks? Any help would be great. Thanks


Seredetia - July 13

Honestly, I wouldn't worry too much about them not changing at 7 weeks. SOme people don't change until much later in the pregnancy and some change right away and then never change again. ;) I was one of the "lucky" (yeah right) people that went up a full cup size just a couple of weeks into the pregnancy. lol. Good luck.


Steffer - July 13

I am in the same boat, I am 9 weeks and still no signs of b___st changing. I am alittle worried because everyone else has sore b___sts. At least now I know I am not alone. Are you a small cup size? I have been told by a few ladies who had smaller cup sizes that they didn't have any symptoms till later


ren05 - July 14

hi, my b___st didn't really change at all, only got a little fuller towards the end.i was waiting for them to get big as i've got small ones but nothing happened.they went up one cup size when breatfeeding.dont worry yourself, everyone is different


Seredetia - July 14

I personally never fully fit into an A cup, so I guess that's pretty small. LOL. Now I'm a full B (almost a C) and I'm a little less than 9 weeks.


debbie80 - July 14

Steffer~ Yea I am a small cup size..I very pet_te so I was hoping that they would start growing...lol but I guess I have to wait and be patient...Im glad that I am not alone in this situation....I was really starting to worry that something was wrong with me....how is everyone else feeling? I really havent had to many pregnancy symptoms...except for some headaches and dizziness...Ive been tired a lot as well....I hope everyone is doing well....when is everyone due??



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