When Did Everyone See Their Babies Heart Beat

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Cyndi - September 23

When did everyone see their babies heart beat for the first time on a sonogram? I have a sono on Monday and I will be 6 weeks the doctor is looking for a heartbeat because my last pregnancy ended in m/c. Everyone please share when they saw their babies heart beat for the first time.


Jamie - September 25

I saw my babies heart beat at 8 weeks, and heard it at 10 on the doppler.


ruby - September 26

hi ladies!! i just had my first appt last thursday and was able to see my baby's heartbeat. i also m/c last year so i was very worried about this time (still am) but at 7w2d, i was able to see the little fluttering of his heart!! good luck!!


bean - September 26

Cyndi - I saw the hb at 6wks 3dys - good luck!!!


June Bride - September 26

I saw the miracle last Thursday at 6w4d - it was so emotional since I had 2 previous miscarriages (without seeing a heartbeat). They were only able to see it through the v____al ultrasound - the baby was too small to see it through the traditional belly scan. Good luck!


Cyndi - September 26

Well I went to the doctor today and didn't see anything but the sac, I am so scared I pretty much need to except the fact that I am not going to go through with this pregnancy, I should be 5 weeks and 6 days but no embryo or heartbeat. I can't stop crying. Should I still have hope or should I give up? The doctor feels like this pregnancy is going no where just like the other. Congrats to all of you and one day I hope I can have another baby.


val - September 27

Cyndi maybe it's just too early. That is really early to do a scan. My dr won't even see you until you are between 8 to 10 weeks. I got an appointment at 7 wks 6 days and was able to see the baby and heartbeat, but not even 6 weeks yet is really early. Is your dr having you come in for a repeat scan in a week, or monitoring your hcg levels or anything?? Hopefully it's just too early and you'll get some good news soon.


Lora - September 27

Cyndi, I think you are jumping to conclusions. My doctor would not even see me until 6 weeks. Then I followed up again yesterday (10 weeks). They checked for the heartbeat but warned me that they may not hear it since it is so early. You are only 6 weeks. Try to be optomistic...it is still very, very early!


Cyndi - September 28

Well I had my second m/c yesterday evening, I lost another baby. I cant handle the pain, I am just going to keep trying, I wont heal until I am holding a a baby in my arms.


Ca__s - September 28

Cyndi, I am so sorrry. Hang in there and don't give up.


pita - September 28

I saw my baby's heartbeat at 6w6d.


Tara - September 28

Cyndi, I am so sorry for your loss! You will have a baby someday! My sister had several miscarriages and has 3 beautiful children and sister in law had 2 miscarriages and now has 4 children. I know what your going through its so hard, but dont give up your dream of having another baby. Stay strong and Ill be praying for you!


Michelle - September 28

Hi everyone, I had to ruch to the Dr's on Mon. I started to have heavy bleeding and I am high risk. Thank goodness everything was fine. Anyway the Dr told me that is was early and we wouldnt see anything. To his surprise we had a heart beat. I was only 51/2 weeks. I was so excited I cried.


Monique - September 28

Cyndi, I am SO SORRY!!! I had a mc in May as well, and I know there really are NO WORDS!! Hang in there!!!


Cyndi - September 29

Thank you very much everyone for being here for me. I wont give up though even though some times I thin I just can't handle the pain of a 3rd blighted ovum. Why can't I just have my baby =(


Melissa - October 12

Saw baby's heart beat at 6 weeks.


Bridget - October 13

I saw mine at 6 wks 2 days.



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