When Did Everyone See Their Babies Heart Beat

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Bridget - October 13

I saw mine at 6 wks 2 days.


nancy - October 14

i saw the heartbeat for the first time at 6w2days. this is my 3rd and it always feels the same way...emotional, and beyond words. i also had a miscarriage about 2 years ago, they only say a sac and no heartbeat at less than 6wks, and that was my fear this time around, but thank god, it was there and i am more relaxed. good luck


steph - October 23

i had my first ultra sound at 6.1 weeks. i did see the heartbeat the tech said that if i would have come in the day before we might not have seen it. so don't worry you were probably just a little bit too early. good luck!


Tess - October 24

I saw my baby's heart beat at 6w3d :P


Amanda - October 24

6 weeks 1 day. 122 bpm. It has since gotten faster. At 8 weeks 4 days it was 172bpm.


mon - October 25

Hi this is my first visit to this site. I have a long story which I will share and then I have a question I hope you can answer. In 2002 my first pregnancy ended at 20 weeks after giving birth to a little tiny girl who had a fatal heart condition. The hardest thing I have ever gone through:( 2003 was spent doing IVF as I have PCOS and my husband has the huntington's gene. Finally after many transfers in 2004 we fell pregnant with identical twins but at 12 weeks on scan their hearts had stopped and I had a D&C. It brought back all the heart ache of my first born. Early 2005 I spontaneously fell pregnant and we had CVS for huntington's which ended up being positive and had a very high gene result which meant the baby would develop this fatal condition in it's early years. There is no cure for this awful disease so we had a termination. I was devastated. I am now pregnant with my 5th baby and guessing I am around 6 weeks 5 days because my cycles are irregular. I have had 3 ultrasounds with the last one yesterday and it showed no fetal pole or heart but the pregancy sac is growing. My first bloods were done yesterday and my results came back today with 24,647. I am really worried that because at 6weeks and 5 days they still can't see a fetal pole or heart beat. Please can someone tell me if they have a story where it is possible to see a heart beat after this time.


steph - October 25

mon, are you going to a high risk doctor? what did your doctor say about the heartbeat? I would stay positive if your doctor is...


mon - October 26

I am being treated high risk but I have moved to England recently so the doctors are only going on my history. I have a follow up blood today and another scan next wednesday.


mon - October 26

Thanks Steph. My story ends here as today I found out that the levels stabilised and therefore will end in mc I am scheduled in for a D&C. Hope all goes well with everyone.


steph - October 26

mon, i am so sorry. i can't even imagine what you are going through. my prayers are with you & your family.


mon - October 27

Thank you Steph, all the best :)


karine - October 31

i saw my babie's heart beat when i was 6weeks/4days



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