When Did Everyones Morning Sickness Go Away

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Janell - October 20

Im almost 9-1/2 weeks and have been sick day and night ever since my 6th week. I dont feel hungry but the nausea gets worse when my tummy is empty. Indigestion all the time and sleepy too! When did everyones 'morning' sickness go away and start to feel good again??


Rebecca - October 20

Hi, Janell~ My morning sickness is starting to get better and I'm in my 12th week. There's a light at the end of your tunnel too! Hang in there....it'll get better!


preg - October 20

I'm at almost 11 weeks and my morning sickness has decreased significantly. Also, I finally have more energy! Things will get better~


Allison - October 20

Janell- I am only in my 8th week, and my sickness started about 10 days ago, but I am glad you asked this question b/c I am getting sick of feeling sick!! I dont feel hungry, but at the same time...I have to eat or I will get even sicker. I am not throwing up, but the nausea is really bad. I get nauseated by everything in my house (mostly healthy stuff). I am finding myself wanting to eat out....its all I can stomach right now. cant wait for it to end!!


natalie - October 20

I'm with you Allison. I've already thought of having mcdonalds chicken nuggets just to get some protein. I haven't gone to work all week because I'm either in the bathroom or in bed. Veggies aren't appealing right now either.


Shel - October 20

It really differs with each pregnancy. With my first (boy), I was very sick until 14 weeks. With this baby, I am 9 weeks and am feeling so much better already. The key is to eat and keep your body satisfied - otherwise the nausea gets so much worse. Try the wristbands. I had The Relief Band (www.reliefband.com) which is an investment but it does work. I have heard the cheap ones at a local pharmacy work too - they are the ones that cure motion sickness. Try those - they may give you some relief. Hang in there - just a few more weeks. If you are like me, you are counting down the days and it seems like so long, but try to keep as busy as you can and time will fly by!


Renea - October 20

I started to feel better at 17 weeks.


les - October 25

same with renea around 17weeks


Renee - October 25

Oh no! I'm 6 weeks 4 days and started feeling nauseus two days ago. This morning I woke up at 5 AM because of it! I don't know if I can handle 6 more weeks of this. :-( Especially because I work full time.


Jodie - October 26

I'm nearly 7 weeks and have felt alittle (mild) nausea, but no real sickness at all. I have had a miscarrage 2 years ago at 6 weeks. Is it ok not to get morning sickness, just alittle nausea from time to time? I'm concerned.


carol - October 26

i am 11w3d and i have been sick as a dog then my morning sickness just stopped like someone hit a light switch. In the am sick in the afternoon....perfectly fine. Anyone else experience this?Not sure if I should be worried.


lexy - October 27

Fingers crossed for you Janell...I had rotten all day and night sickness from week 5 to 9 where even the smell of my deoderant made me ill. then, as suddenly as carol said, I woke from a nap and haven't felt sick since!!!! Back having to cook dinner now though.... By the way I found sea bands helped enough to make a difference to my day as well as trying to eat stuff that doesn't take too much digesting...!


Sarah - November 7

I am 9 1/2 weeks and my morning sickness started after 6 weeks. This is my first pregnancy and I have really horrible morning sickness, shall i say all day sickness. I am constantly vomiting about 6 times a day. Over the past couple of days my vomiting has eased up a bit to twice a day. I have lost so much weight and I'm begining to get worried. I am feeling a bit better now but will wait and see!



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