When Did U Get BFP

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Naysa - October 21

Hi!I just wanted to know when u preggers got BFP on HPT????????Thanks


Renee - October 22

I got mine about three days after I was supposed to see AF. WHat happened to me, was that I lost track of where I was on the cycle. I was busy painting the bathroom when I realized that by that time, I should've been extra tired and bloated (not to mention moody) and I wasn't! So I took the test and it came back positive. My husband didn't believe me, so drove me to the drugstore and asked me to get the kind that actually says "Pregnant" or "Not Pregnant" in the results window. It didn't even need the full three minutes to appear - I think as soon as I stood up from the seat it was already flashing "Pregnant" I'm currently in my 6th week.


Excited Mother To Be - October 22

I got my BFP on the day of my missed period. I tried taking one the day before and it was negative. Good luck!!!!


Naysa - October 22

Thanks Renee & EMTB!


xSuzx - October 23

hi I got my BFP 2 days before AF was due, I took one at 4 days before AF was due but got a negetive, I was sure I was pregnant though as had bad nausea since 6 dpo, and here I am at 6 weeks with the worst nausea I've ever had lol


Gina - October 23

I'm pretty lucky in that I've always had really regular periods. I was supposed to start on July 28th, in the afternoon, so that evening when it hadn't, I took a test. Pos. I'm 16 weeks now.


Naysa - October 23

Thanks xSuzx & Gina!Did any of u guys have IB?AF is due on 25 ,I took hpt yesterday but bfn.I'm not giving up yet;0)!!


Mindi - October 23

I got my bfp 11 dpo. I broke down and took a test knowing that it was going to be a bfn. The test line came up right away, like always, so I thought it was negative. For some reason I got called away from the bathroom, then a few minutes later, there was a faint line. I have since missed my period and have taken a couple more tests, all different brands, and the line is darker.


Mindi - October 23

I did not have any IB or symptoms at all, like others say.


Naysa - October 24

Thanks Mindi!I guess this is not my month b/c AF came last night:(


Mindi - October 24

Naysa...I am sorry to hear that af showed up. You just have to keep thinking positive and look towards your next cycle and try again.


Mel - October 24

Hey, grown women....stop calling your period "AF" or "aunt flow". It's very childish.


To Mel - October 24

I don't think we are being childish by saying AF. It is a lot easier to type than "period" we all know what it means, there is no reason why we can't take advantage of a shortcut. Also, let's try to keep this very "childish" rule in mind: "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all." Although it is childish, it should be preacticed.


Naysa - October 24

Thanks Mindi.I am going to stay positive and try again this month.Thats great you got your bfp,how long have u been ttc?


Smithy - October 24

hi, i got my BFP 3 days before aunty flow was due, the HPT was only mediumly positive, so i went straight to the doctor and got a blood test just to be sure, it was positive, im now 17 weeks


Bump - October 26



maddie - October 26

5 days before af...



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