When Did You Get Your Bfp S

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Cammie - September 1

Congrats to all!! How many dpo or days after missed af did you get your bfp's and did you get any bfn's first. Thanks in advance!!


Alycia - September 1

I didn't test until the night I was 11 dpo. I held my urine for four hours (to help concentrate it) and got a faint positive. I got two more positives the next day and then confirmation at the doctor's on 14 dpo.


Cathy - September 1

My lmp was june 11, tested with a faint line on july 16. My cycle is 44 days, so I don't really know how many dpo but I wasn't late. : ) Tested 7 more times and finaly confirmed by dr.


Cammie - September 1

Thanks for the info...i'm 11 dpo and tested bfn this morning, but i'm gonna wait a few days and try again. I'm not due for af until 9/5.


Tamara - September 1

I got BFP 4 days before my af due and about 11 dpo.


Janell - September 9

I got four bfn prior to when af was due - 2 days after af was due I got my bfp with first morning urine.


Jen - September 9

I got BFP 10dpo. but it was much darker 15 dpo.


LC - September 9

I got a bfn at 8dpo and a faint positive at 10dpo. By 12 dpo it was a definite bfp. Doctor confirmed that same day with blood test.


bean - September 9

I didn't get a faint bfp until 16dpo (2 days after af didn't show). I had countless bfn's before that. Had an u/s yesterday and baby is a happy and healthy 6 wks 3 dys (I thought 7wks 1dy - which accounts for the late bfp).


M - September 9

i took a test that you can take 5-7 days before your af and got 2 bfp's


Jeana - September 11

I got a faint pos with FR at 8dpo, then another faint pos at 10dpo, then my bfp at 16dpo (2 days past af due date)...


Stephanie - September 11

I got my bfp with FR 10 days late after af was due- two big bold lines!!!


... - September 12

I got my first bfp at 12dpo. Two days before my missed AF. I used First Response Early Result. the line was faint. i took another 3 days later and the line was much darker.



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