When Did You New Moms Make Your First Dr Appt

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mandy - October 11

Just wanted to know when is the best time to go the the doctor once you get a postive hpt. My doctor won't see me until the second trimester and I am very uncomfortable with that. Thanks


Ca__sie - October 11

No way should you wait until the 2nd trimester to see a doctor. I went in to see my primary physician right away to confirm the pregnancy and then he referred me to an obgyn clinic. I called them at about 5 weeks and they had me come in for the first time at around 7 weeks. The earlier, the better.


bean - October 11

I wouldn't be too concerned Mandy. Many doctors won't see you until at least after 8 weeks, some even later. However, it would be a good idea to go around 8 weeks, in my opinion. The first appointment you just get a ton of blood drawn, talk about your health history, get a pap and the usual obgyn stuff. You won't get an u/s unless there's a concern. But I would be nervous if there's questions you want to ask and you can't see your dct for so long. Make sure you're taking your prenatals for sure. Finally - is this dct someone who's going to give you time and attention that you need? Maybe it's time to go dct shopping?


Jessica - October 11

I received an u/s on my first visit which a lot of doctors do. The reason is to cancel out blighted ovums and ectopic pregnancies which can be harmful to you but like bean said not usually until around 8 weeks. I would find a new doctor if they dont want to see you until the 2nd trimester. Hope that helps


Miff - October 12

I guess it depends on where you live too. I'm an American living in London. I saw my (regular) doctor Monday. She gave me another urine test and checked my blood pressure and that is it until my first midwife appointment in six weeks. At that point I will be at the very end of the first trimester. I'm meant to hear from the hospital around the same time for my first ultrasound. It worries me and I'm envious that people in the US are getting their hormones checked every 48 hours and getting scans at 5-6 weeks. Of course I worry there will be a problem between now and 12 weeks. In that case, I can book myself into an emergency gynecological unit at the hospital near me. Here you also don't stick with one midwife or doctor, it's pretty much whoever is available. But it's free healthcare, so that's a plus.


It is up to you... - October 12

Hi Mandy, I think this is completely up to you. I will say there is no way I could wait until 12 weeks. First of all, prenatal vitamins are crucial in the first few weeks. Have you already gotten a Rx for some? I take over the counter but I plan to get a Rx at my 1st appointment tomorrow. If they won't see you sooner, maybe you could get in elsewhere?


Tess - October 18

Hi Mandy! My 1st Q? to you is when and how did u find out you're pregnant? Is it by urine (home pregnancy test) or did u come in the clinic and got ur blood drawn? I got a positive from a home pregnancy kit but just to make sure and 100% accurate I came in the clinic and they did the blood preggy test.....It came back Positive the next day.....so After 1 wk of that I came and see my specialist. I have a PCOS so they wanted to check all those routine stuff on me.......they took5 or 6 tubes or blood to test for all kinds of dieses. I just finished my 1st prenatal care at the clinic I feel comfortable w/ it is usually every 4 wks til u hit ur 28th wks and after that every 2 wks til u hit ur 36th wk then every few days til u go to labor. Good Luck!


Amy - October 18

My doctor is not seeing me until I am 10 weeks along on Nov 7. I don't know why but they said it was standard procedure. However, when I was pg before (m/c in March) they had me in around 6 weeks. I am taking OTC prenatals which are a lot like the ones that I was prescribed when I was pg before. The reason they said they wouldn't see me until 10 weeks is because there is "nothing they can really do before then". When I go in they will be trying to hear the heartbeat and scheduling an u/s. I don't know about all the bloodwork. I guess they still have to do that even though I just had it done in late January. Maybe that's why they aren't worried, everything came back great with my bloodwork then..no diseases, etc. It kind of scares me though that I won't be in until then. I m/c at 10 weeks last time. I am just trying to trust in God this time though! I would say that if you feel very uncomfortable with it, you could call around to other doctors and see when they would get you in. It does depend alot on where you live. I was going to try to find another doctor, but decided to stick with this one because she was great during my m/c and I like her a lot. I guess I will just have to be patient! I am just trying to take care of myself in the meantime. If you don't get in until the 2nd trimester, make sure you get a prenatal vitamin early on. Folic acid is very important in the first few weeks of pregnancy. God bless and I hope you make the decision that is right for you!


Valerie - October 18

Hi Mandy, I would definitely feel uncompterble waiting until the 2nd trimester before seeing a doctor. For both my 1st and current pregnancy I made a same day appmt to see my primary phisician to verify the pregnancy, and get a refferal to a good OBGYN. The 1st time, I was in to the OBG within 2 weeks, spoke to the docotr and then did some blood work. This second time, I'm 10 weeks along now, I was in 2 days later, spoke to the prenatal nurse who went over all general info and gave me vitamins, and set up blood work. The actual physician won't see me until 10 weeks, my appmt is tommorrow. Considering how important it is to get on vitamins and get all the approriate information and advise for everything from diet to warning signs within the 1st trimester, I'de look for someone else. Even if you go through a prenatal nurse, it's still better. What you do in the 1st trimester is what will affect the baby the most since that is the major development period. Go with your instinct, and don't let any doctor make you doubt yourself. My primary physician this time around kept telling me I wasn't pregnant alhough I knew I was, So he went ahead and had a blood test done, I was about 6 weeks along!!


Valerie - October 18

Amy, I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers that you will have a flawless pregnancy. God bless and keep up the positive thoughts!


Amy - October 19

Thank you so much Valerie! I will be praying for you and your little one too! God bless and keep you both :)


Melissa - October 19

I would never wait twelve weeks!!!! I would immediately change doctors! Just because he is the doctor does not make him right all the time. I was in my OBGYN's office less than a week after my positive. Right away we did another pregnancy test, we started with the bloodwork etc. The very next appt. a week later we did a sonogram, found the gestation sac etc. This is not 1956, go to the doctor!


Monique - October 20

My doctor said to come in right away and they confirmed with another test. Then they scheduled an appt. when I was going to be 8 weeks. Please find a doctor who will se you sooner!!!! Good Luck!



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