When Did You See Or Hear A Heartbeat

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rebeccapett - March 21

Hi, I had a sono this past wed.I was 6 weeks and 4 days. There was a sack and the embryo. I thought you could get a heart beat by then? The doc said it was too early. Can some ladies let me know which week(s) thy were able to see or hear a heartbeat? Just a liitle worried. I had a miscarriage in Jan. just a month before I concieved....


jessica72 - March 21

Rebecca, I saw my daughter's hb at around 6.5 weeks after lots of looking around and zooming in, but there is a chance you miscalculated the dates by a week, so don't worry too much. It also depends on the position of the embryo. Are you scheduled for another sono soon? By 8 weeks, you should definitely be able to see one.


ROBYN - March 21

We saw the heartbeat at 6 weeks 1 day. My son is 4 weeks old now.


bettyg - March 21

Are you still having blood levels taken? That would at least show you whether or not the HcG level is going the right way.


laupack - March 21

we saw the hb at 7 weeks through ultrasound and again at 10 weeks through the doppler.


rebeccapett - March 21

Thanks for the postings! I go back in two weeks(around 8 weeks). She said not to worry and of curse I am. It was equpment in their office and it didn;t look like she could zoom in on it. I am waiting to get my blood results back. Thanks again! Rebecca


elizhope - March 21

I saw mine at 6w0d. BPM 117. I would ask if your hcg levels are doubling. you can go every couple of days and get blood taken


BeckyBunny - March 22

7w3d here, didn't try before then.


Ms.Aren - April 27

I saw mine at 6w4d, but couldn't hear it yet. I didn't see it the whole time so maybe it is just hard to find it when they are that little.


Teddyfinch - April 28

6.5 weeks here. but they didn't seem to have a problem finding it. but each baby is different. dh and i were both almost 10 pounders, so the u/s tech has cursed us with a big baby. it's absolutely normal for them to not be able to see the heartbeat yet, but i'll bet they will at the 8 week march, which from reading the dates finally, has pa__sed lol. oh yes and i couldn't hear it until 8w (actually it was only a week later, but the baby had grown 2 weeks worth of growth)


mcbee - May 18

I was actually able to see a yolk sac, little bean, and a heartbeat at 6w4d. However, my doctor's nurse (who I absolutely love and completely trust) wasn't as concerned with how far along I was. She was more concerned with where my hcg levels were. She explained that the hcg levels were directly related to what could be seen in an u/s. So, don't stress based on the actual dates. Maybe you're hcg levels double a little closer to 72 hours vs. 48 hours, so they might be a little lower at 6w4d than my were. It sucks that we all have to stress so much, I know! I know this is a little late in terms of a response to your original posting, but maybe it will help someone else!


TLC1018 - May 18

My ob doesn't see you until you're 8 weeks, and I went last week for our first appointment. It was hard to wait until the 8 week mark, but we were able to see the little heartbeat and it was 154 bpm... I wouldn't worry too much though, b/c your dates could be off by a day or two, and that could make the difference between seeing a heartbeat or not. Don't worry yourself, I'm sure at your next appointment everything will be fine and you will see the heart beat clear as day! Good Luck!


mama-beans - May 18

I saw my children's heartbeats at 8 weeks, 8 weeks, 5w6d, and will be going in on the 21st for a 6week check, where I'm hoping to see another heartbeat!


ajm1028 - May 19

I saw the heartbeat and heard it through a v____al u/s at 5 weeks and 5 days


AMB - May 19

do not worry about see or hearing the heart beat at 6w4d. I am a sonographer and it will depend on what type of ultrasound you had (transv____al or transabdominal), I will also depend on the type of ultrasound machine is used, and your body habitus. So please just relax and try no to stress.



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