When Did You Start Showing With 2nd Baby

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madison - February 13

when did you start showing with 2nd baby?


mjvdec01 - February 14

I was so bloated at 6 weeks that I had to buy maternity jeans. It really sucked. I am now 17 weeks and can't fit in to anything pre pregnancy. How far along are you?


Shannon33 - February 14

I was bloated also and by 5 to 6 weeks I couldn't fit into anything except sweats and maternity jeans.


cors1wfe - February 14

I was in maternity pants for comfort from bloating from week 6 I sure did pooch out pretty fast - even my husband was surprised at how quickly I popped out - now pregnant with my 3rd holy cow it was fast!


beebee4mee - February 15

Oh, Ladies, you have no idea how happy I am to hear you say those things!! I've had the worst time thinking OMG, how is this possible that I'm outgrowing my clothes this early!! This is #2 for me also, and my clothes started feeling snug at 5wks, and now at 7.3wks I'm down to only a few pairs of pre-pg pants. But I'm having a hard time resigning myself to buying maternity clothes so early. It's so nice to hear that I'm not the only one!


llukenjess - February 15

OMG i am 9 weeks on monday (today is friday) and i was feeling snug at 5 weeks. Some days i am so bloated i look 6 mos prego! I have mat. jeans. This is my 2nd pregnancy(first was natural mc)


MissP - February 18

Hi ladies, im not having any problems yet and this is weird because with my first pg (mc at 12wks) i felt huge by the time i was 8wks and people guessed i was pg. Im 7wks1day today and dont feel any different size wise...not so bloated either. Is that weird do you think?? Beebee - hello to you! Are you posting somewhere regularly as seeing as were at similar stages it would be nice to swap stories!! Hi to all you other girls and congrats to everyone x x


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - February 18

I am 10 weeks today and I only look pregnant so you can say is because my daughter is 6 months old, I didn't lose any weight, in fact I gained 8-12lbs after I had her. Once I got pregnant my weight went down 5lbs. I haven't been able to fit in my pre-pregnancy clothes with my daughter since I was 5months pregnant with her. This pregnancy tho I hope to do it different and exercise alot more. But I did buy maternity clothes, don't wear them tho because they got to lose when I lost weight from morning sickness.


carmendanielle - February 18

oh! Am I ever glad to see this posting! I am 7 weeks and 5 d, and I feel as though I have to wear looser clothing to hide my belly! ( not announcing anything yet) I know most of it is bloating ,because it changes, and is worse at night, but still some of my tighter pants are tough to do up. I did show early with my first, I think by the start of the second trimester I was showing to the point that people could tell, but this seems way earlier! It is sorta exciting to be showing, cuz it makes the pregnancy seem much more real! But it makes me afraid to think of just how big i'll be at the end! :)


ShoppingForTwo - February 18

This is my second pregnancy and I will be 21 weeks on Wednesday and I'm STILL not showing! My stomach has surely expanded and is bigger than it was at this same point last pregnancy but strangers can't tell, just me and dh.



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