When Did You Stop Your Progesterone Supplements

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DB - June 15

I'm 7w5d and my doctor is weaning me down from 400mg prometrium at night to 200mg prometrium and eventually none. When did everyone else stop their prometrium/progesterone supplements. This makes me nervous since my progesterone was only 11.3 when I was 4 weeks and has been >40 since taking the prometrium..I figured you'd stop after the first trimester, but it seems she'd like me to stop earlier. Anyone???


Cabbie - June 16

Hi, DB, I just delivered my third two weeks ago. Between my second and third, I had three miscarriages. They started me on progesterone during the fourth week of this last pregnancy. I took it from week 4 to week 14. My dr said week 14 just to be 100% sure the placenta had taken over. Good luck to you!


Katherine79 - June 16

Hey I was also taking prometrium from the time I ovulated till I got a + pregnancy test they had me take 100mg in morning and 100mg at night, at 6 weeks my progestrone was really high from the prometrium and she cut me down to 100mg at night and at 10 weeks she said I could stop I am now almost 11 weeks and worried about it but I have to trust that it was just high enough that I should be good to make it on my own to 12 weeks. I think I just have to trust her and try not to worry.


DB - June 17

I don't mind cutting down, but I am so scared to completely stop. I'd much rather wait until I'm 12 or 14 weeks. I'm going back to my regular OB soon adn I know they aren't as insistent on regular hormone testing like the RE's office is. I just don't see the harm in continuing right now. I'll probably have to ask my OB her opinion at my first appt. with her. Thanks for all responses.


yetanothertripletmom - June 18

I took progesterone with my triplet pregnancy through 16 weeks. My perinatologist told me I could stop at 14 weeks, but I was too scared too. :) Ask your doctor if you can stay on it through the first trimester just to relieve your nerves.


CrystalH - June 20

My OB/GYN kept me on progesterone suppositories until I was 14 weeks. I took 100mg 2 x /day (1 at night, 1 in the morning). You actually don't finish your 1st trimester until you reach 14 weeks and he wanted me to stay on them until I finished my entire 1st trimester. I'm now 15 wks, 2 days. Remember, it is your body and your baby. If you do not agree with what your doctor is telling you then let them know and let them know why. You have every right to have a say in your own healthcare. If you don't agree with your doctor then fire him/her and move on to someone else who you feel more comfortable with. I think it's great you are going back to your regular OB. Maybe he/she will keep you on them longer. Good luck!!!


skn331 - June 20

I was on it until 14 weeks as well.... I wonder why he wants you to stop so early? The placenta isnt fully functional yet at 8 weeks. and it certainly doesnt hurt anything to keep taking it (from what I have read)


Carole - June 20

Hey DD!! Glad I finally found a post from you. I know you and Sasha are emailing but i was wondering how you were doing. I am glad to see everything is great. Did you have an ultrasound. I haven't talked with you since the day you got your bfp and then Sasha's terrible news. She is dropping in on a thread I started on the problems getting pregnant board. I had IUI last week on Wed. so keeping fingers crossed it worked. I hope you continue to do well. Take care!


DB - June 21

Hey Carole, how are you???? Yes, I've had two ultrasounds already...S/he's growing wonderfully so far. I have my next appt June 30th, so I don't know if I'll get an u/s or not as it's my first appt back with my OB. I cut back my prometrium to 200mg at night and my progesterone dropped from 40 to 25.7 (which is still good), but now they want me to take one everyother day for a week, then stop!! NO WAY...I am thinking, I went down 15 units by cutting back 200mg, so If I stop the last 200mg that's going to put me back at 11, where I was before the progesterone. So I am going to keep taking them everynight til I see my OB and get her opinion on this. I don't want to stop until I'm 12 weeks...UGh...frustrating!!


Carole - June 22

Hi DD!! Glad you saw my post! Were you taking prometrium in the 2ww? I can't remember. I am taking it v____ally now so I know it can possibly delay af for a couple of days. I am on 200mg twice a day. I would be wondering about what level of progesterone you should be at right now. Why can't you take them until 12 weeks. Don't you hate getting released back to your ob, sort of sad you know? I am so glad you have seen your little bean. I will be testing next Thursday and I will be 15dpiui. Praying that it worked but cautious as I know it might not have. HOpe to talk with you soon!


azgirl - June 22

Hello everyone. I just thought I would add my two cents. I am 10 weeks and still on my progesterone. My Doc told me he would start weaning me after 10 weeks b/c the placenta would kick in by then. As much as I dislike taking progesterone, I want to stay on it until at least 12 weeks. I would talk you your doc about your concerns. After all I know some people have to be on them their whole pregnancy. Good luck.


DB - June 22

Carole, I really hope this is your month. And azgirl, thanks for the advice. I will see how my ob is feeling about this situation..At least by then I will be just about 10 weeks and I will feel better about weaning off the progesterone then. Only one more week til my first OB appt...and yes Carole, it was sad to leave the RE's office. Everyone there was so wonderful....Some of the nurses at my OB are kind of b___hy, but I love my OB, so I guess it's worth it!!


NURSEJ - June 27

well i am on prochieve 8% it is a applicator filled with cream that u insert v____ally. i have been on it since i was 4 weeks pregnant, i am now 10weeks my dr. says i can stop at 12 weeks. the strength is 90mg but it is sustained release. it has been working great.



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