When Did Your M S End

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Nell143 - June 12

I just want an idea as of to when the vomitting will end? Somedays aren't so bad, but others are like 3 fold. I will begin feeling better get hopeful and WHAM sick to my tummy all over again. I am 9 weeks and 4 days.


singlem0m - June 12

Mine slowed down at 10 weeks. I hadn't thrown up for about 5 days until today when I got choked on something. I still feel nauseous at times but I stopped constantly throwing up at 10 weeks.


Nell143 - June 12

YAY there is hope!


Nell143 - June 12

Does it get worse before it gets better?


knpandrews - June 12

My morning sickness started at 8 wks. and I am currently 22 wks. and I still have it as bad as ever. I throw up atleast 2 X daily. But I have gotten used to it. Which is sad to say... My docs have prescribed me meds... but I wont take them. I just dont want to take the chance. My doc. says that most women dont get it has bad and as long as I have had it. So i wouldnt worry. I am sure yours will tapper off at around 12 wks. or so.


San_dee - June 12

I never vomited, i was nautious 24/7, wished i could have vomitted just to feel better, anyways it started about 6 wks and ended about 13wks, for me it stayed the same intensity but i think i learnt how to deal with it, i was obsessed with mouthwashing and brushing my teeth to get rid of the sickly feeling i had and my diet only consisted of oranged and tomatoes on crackers!!!!!


emilymalm - June 12

Mine really tapered off at 11wks and was gone by 12. During weeks 9 and 10 I would throw up every other day and then threw up once during week 11. So there's light at the end of the tunnel! I bet you'll start feeling better in a couple of weeks.


Nell143 - June 13

Ugh! I try to stay hopeful.... Right now I am feeling pretty down yesterday I threw up 3 times ... I threw up when I was trying to leave for work and i don't know about you but sometimes it is so intense it causes me to urinate... then I had to change and I was 25 minutes late for work. Some days aren't so bad. I try to remember it is all for my precious little one that is growing inside of me. Then funny things happen like my dh trying to hold my hair and I seriously couldn't hold my bladder .... I peed on his foot. LOL! I have a wonderful husband who is loving and understanding but gawd this is so frustrating sometimes. Thanks for listening to me moan and groan :-)!


Nell143 - June 13

Feeling a little better.. I am hoping for a miraculous recovery lol! How far are all of you?



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