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L** - April 11

When did everyone's morning sickness start? & did it get progressively worse before it got better? I am 7weeks tomorrow 4/12. My m/s started at about 6w2d & it seems to be getting a little worse every day? It really weird too. I feel sick to my stomach, like if I ate I'd throw up all over, but the only thing that makes it better is eating!


Tracey - April 11

I am 9 1/2 weeks pregnant and have not had any morning sickness. I was worried but had an u/s done last week and saw baby and heartbeat. Is this your first? It's mine-when are you due?


nadine - April 11

My mrg sickness started at 5 weeks, got worse in wk 6 and I was full b__wn miserable until week 9. In week 10 now. Yes, you have to eat...and sorry to say, but sleep with crackers in your bed...I did. I promise, it ends. Try taking your vitamin at night...sorry, I kow how you feel. It's a small speed bump. Hopefully you can nap...


kim j - April 11

I started at about 4 weeks.. It seems to be getting better and I am 11 weeks. I do have my moments when I feel real sick and certain smells set it off. Food usually sounds aweful but most of the time after I eat I feel better. Milk really helps me too. Good luck Ladies!


Jeanette - April 11

I am 7 weeks on 4/13 and m/s started around 5 1/2 weeks. It became really bad at 6 weeks but some days are better than others. I find that eating something before I get out of bed helps. Sometimes, as soon as I put food in my mouth I want to gag but I usually feel better after 15 minutes or so. It's awful. Can't wait for this to be over.


crystal - April 12

I had the worst time with morning sickness, and still do. My morning sickness started at 5 weeks and I eat everything everyone told me to eat crackers and all. Nothing stayed down not even water. I'm 15 weeks and i'm just staring to feel a little better. Hope u feel better.


Kristi - April 12

My mrg sickness started at around 5 weeks. I am 8 weeks now and it is only getting worse. I have tried everything, nothing helps. It lasts all day. I have to push food down. I hope it ends soon. I'm even having to miss work because of being so nauseated.


L** - April 12

I am 7 weeks today & so far, each day getting a little worse, Haven't actually vomited yet, or missed work, hopefully I won't have to. I slept with the crackers last night & that kinda helped. Thins is though, I don't really have it early in the morning (yet). It usually hits me about 8-9 am and is with me till after dinner. Usually if I can go for a walk after work it helps, but then last night it came back right after dinner. I'm kinda happy to have it though, I ahve read some places that it means a healthier pregnancy.. but have also read about women with no m/s having perfectly healthy pregnancies..so don't worry Tracey!



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