When Do I Go Into The 3rd Month Of Pregnancy

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sarah - May 19

Hi can someone just help me figure out at what point i am considered to be in my third month?? I am 9 weeks pregnant so does that mean i am in my second month or my third???


Amy - May 19

The beginning of week 9 was the beginning of your third month. The third month is weeks 9-13. The beginning of week 14 marks the beginning of the fourth month and the beginning of your second trimester.


L - May 19

When you are 8 weeks pregnant you are 2 months (2 x 4 weeks) When you are 12 weeks you are 3 months (3 x 4 weeks) That's what I have been told anyway. These dates are counting from the first day of our last period. e.g if your period had started 1st January you would be 2 months/8 weeks on 26th February & 3 months/12 weeks on 26th march. (just an example) Hope that helps. The 2nd trimester begins once you pa__s the 12 week mark.


To Amy - May 19

Yea how could ONE month of pregnancy last FIVE weeks ?!?! That doesnt make much sense.


viv - May 19

The beginning of week 13 is the beginning of your 4th month....weeks 9-12 are your third month.


Gina - May 19

I read all over that at 9 weeks you are two months. There are 4.5 weeks in a month. Follow your due date number. Every month you are another month. Anyone agree?


Pennie - May 19

You are pregnant for 40 weeks that equals out to be 10 months. at 5 weeks pregnant you have completed one full month and are in the 1st week of your 2nd month. The "9" months- is by a lunar calender. Your actually pregnant 10 calender months. I know I want to be past the 3 month mark too : (


Lia - May 20

The fact is when you're in your 5th week of pregnancy, you are 4 weeks pregnant! During the week you start your period, you are in your first week of pregnancy, but you have not yet completed any weeks so you are zero weeks pregnant. Think about it this way — you don't say that a baby is one year old during his first year of life do you? He is not considered to be one year old until he's actually in his second year. A lot of pregnancy books and web sites don't make this distinction, which makes things even more confusing. Try not to say "you are in your 5th week" because that's when you are actually 4 weeks pregnant. Just say, "you are 4 weeks pregnant." That’s why you will notice a lot a people post the number of weeks and days hence 4w5d – Four weeks five days. You have completed 4 weeks and are “in your” fifth week. So you are technically “IN YOUR” 3rd month of pregnancy after completion of week 8 but are not 3 months pregnant until after completion of week 12/13 (Depending if you are counting a month as 4 weeks vs. 4.5 weeks) Hope this helps!


Nicole - July 5

Your are not into your 3rd month until you are 12 weeks



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