When Do The Cramps End

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Nix - March 23

I found out i was pregnant about a week ago, and for the last week and a half have been having slight cramps. I was assured this is normal, and everything does seem fine, but how long does this usually last? This is my second child, but i didn't have cramping until early second trimester with the last one. I also delievered by c-section (and plan to again). So if the cramping does go away, does anyone know when?


Kelly K - March 25

It's different with everyone, but mine went away at 7 weeks. I'm now 8 weeks.


Helen - March 25

Thanks for bringing this up; I'm about 5 wks along with number 2 (number 1 was normal delivery) and had no cramps first time round; glad to know I'm not that ''odd'' :-) best of luck!


Lisa - March 25

Thanks so much. I'm 6wks along and this is my first pregnancy. I'm having slight cramps and i was so worried that there was something wrong with the baby. so lucky i went in this forum and found my answer


Karla - March 26

Hi I was wondering, when did you first notice your cramps with this second pregnancy, with my first pregnancy we were'nt trying so it came as a great shock that I was pregnant and I had spotting every month for the first 3 months and I think I was too concerned with that at the time than anything else I was feeling (or more probably I have just forgotten). we are tring again nw and for probably the last 3 days I have had a slight crampy feeling but different to period pain, almost like a heavy feeling and a need to urinate often, but I am still a few days off of expectiong my period. I know it is probably a bit premature but I read your question with interest?


Vina - March 26

I'm now 12 wk. My crampings come and go. Around wk 5-8 I felt mild crampings off and on. Then it stopped. These last couple days I started feeling it again. As long as the cramping is not sharp, I just think of it as a growing uterus and muscles making room for the babe. Also I started having increase v____al discharge (white / yellowish color). Everytime I feel my pantiliner wet, I run to the bathroom make sure its not blood.


nix - March 26

i noticed my cramps the day before my period was due. The day it was actually due i had cramps like i was going to get my period, but when it hadn't come by the end of the day i took a preg. test and to my utter disbelief, it was positive! I still get them almost two weeks later, but they come and go during the day and night.


Nix - March 26

Also, my doctor told me with my last pregnancy that all women can experience braxton hics (sp?) even while not pregnant, but you usually don't notice them until there is something for the uterus to contract around. Anyone have any insight on this? Could this be my cramping? (and due to it being my second pregnancy, making it more apparent to me?)



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