When Do We Feel Baby Movement

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Links - June 1

hi, i am in 12w 5day . when do we feel the movement of baby.I don't feel hungry like all time is it normal....HELP ME


Jessica - June 1

Hi there. Is this your first baby? I am only 8 weeks along, but I hear if you are having a second you can feel earlier. My daughter is now 8, but if I recall back then, I started feeling movement around 18-10 weeks. Keep in mind, every woman is different and may feel sooner than others. Again, I hear that you can feel the baby as early as 16 weeks with the 2nd. You may want to look at the 2nd trimester topics and ask some of the girls who are a little bit further along than you or I. Maybe that would help???


Jessica - June 1

Oops, meant 18-20.


erica - June 1

Actually I'm 9 weeks pregnant and already feeling fluttery and like popcorn popping very low in my pelvis. These is my 5th so I now what gas and movement is. So it depends on everyone.


Jessie - June 1

I'm also 12w 5d I saw the baby doing flips on my US yesterday. They said possibly by 5 mothes I should start to feel him/her kick. My best friend started to feel flutters @ 4 months. So not much longer!!!!!!


links - June 2

thanks!!for such a sweet reply. This is my first baby but i had misscarriage in 2003 at 18week. So, at that time i didn't feel and now i don't know how does it feel.keep in touch girls.........


Gina - June 2

I am 10w2d and I am also feeling fluttering when I bend over. I had same experiences with my other four children.


links - June 2

wow!!i don't feel anything should i worry then..oh!!god save my baby life ................


erica - June 2

links, Don't worry I've had 4 kids and going on five. There all different. With my girls I didn't start to feel until I was 20 weeks. With my boys I started to feel them around 9 weeks. So don't worry everything is okay. Maybe you already have movement but you just havent noticed it. Drink a coke and wait 15 minutes. Lay in your back and just wait to see if you feel anything.


links - June 3

hi, erica .. is it safe to lay down on your back and drink coke. i don't know but i haven't feel anything yet.



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