When Do You Start To Show

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stevie - September 21

would you show when your only 4 weeks


Olivia - September 22

I believe one only starts showing after 3 to 4 months.


Michelle - September 22

I would say 3 to 4 months also. But I think that women do get very bloated so you look like you are showing that early. Myself included. I am 5 weeks, and so constipated and bloated that I look like I am pregnant when I know its not the baby. It is very uncomfortable. I feel horrible.....


Pete - September 22

i am almost 9 weeks and i am showing under my belly b___ton, its when you try to suck the tummy in and you dont manage!! yesterday i had my 1st appointment and i saw my baby!!! and his little heartbeat too......


Anna - September 22

I am 6 1/2 weeks and my lower abdomen is starting to pop out. Not a lot, but enough to notice. I think everyone is different. Some start to show very early in pregnancy and some don't show until later. It, also, depends on your weight, too. If your really thin, your growing belly will be more noticable earlier on. But I think the end of the first trimester is usually when most women start to show.


Lacy - October 27

I am actually 13 1/2 weeks, and I started to show at about 10 wks, just a little pouch...my doctor said this was because im thin, and there is nowhere else for it to go! lol. I think youre right...its all different


Tess - October 27

It depends on your build and it varies on each pregnancy. :P


Tara - October 29

It also depends on how many pregnancies youve had. I was a personal trainer and had excellent tummy muscles with my first and I started to notice pants getting tight around 20 weeks, but others didnt notice until 23 weeks. My second I started to notice around 17 weeks and my third Im 14 weeks 5 days and showing I started to notice it at 13 weeks. The more pregnancies you have your muscles are already stretched and it seems you start showing a lot sooner. I look like I did at 20 weeks with my first two pregnancies and Im only going on 15 weeks.


Crissi - October 29

Amen to that.... #4 here and already feeling tight around the lower abdomen at 7 weeks today. I have gained a single pound (feels like all in the b___sts!) so that is not it! Things tend to relax and loosen down there and it definitly gets worse with each pregnancy.


Shaza - November 2

Yeah ive started to show already my stomach just pops out a little. I feel really bloated. And i am already gaining the pounds!


Trina - November 2

My doctor said at 12 weeks you start to peek over the pelvic bone. By 14 weeks you should have a measurable belly. Anything before that is usually bloating.


Nicki - November 4

I am pregies with my second baby and am 8 weeks. I can already see how my uterus is lifting above my pubic bone and when I try to pull my tummy in....sorry baby it is there to stay for the next couple of months


Melissa - November 5

I am 5 weeks and I have noticed a slight change in my lower abdomen.


tasha - November 8

when do you start showing when your pregnant?


Jennifer - November 9



kayla - November 9

im pregnant for the first time, im about 4 weeks and the bloating is horrible.will it get worse?


ashley - November 10

does it hurt really bad when the it is time to have the baby



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