When Do You Start Wearing Maternity Clothes

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Dia - October 13

Hi everyone! I am 5wks 2dys pregnant and my lower abdomen is so bloated I can hardly button my pants! I can fit them everywhere else, but I have been super crampy and achy in my lower abdomen and pants pressure is very painful, but I feel silly buying maternity pants...what about everyone else?? Thanks!!


becca - October 13

hi dia i think if you are uncomfortable in your clothes being too tight buy maternity wear, i think you start wearing maternity clothes when you are uncomfortable in normal clothes i dont think it really matters when you start either so yeah do whatever is best for you :)


Mary - October 14

Hi. I'm 15 weeks and I just started wearing maternity clothes. I bought all small and they are huge. I do have a belly and I still feel I'm too small but none of my jeans fit. I remember when I was 5 weeks, I too was very bloated but then that went away. I say wear sweatpants or put a rubber band around your b___ton on your jeans. That helps too.


mama-beans - October 14

My advice? go to a used clothing store and but a few pairs of pants the nest couple of sizes up. You will be too small right now to fit maternity wear and not look funny, and you will definately wear these larger size pants after you have the baby for a few months... maternity clothes are the last thing you want to put back on!


Ca__sie - October 14

I forced myself to wait until week 13 to wear maternity... then I couldn't hold out any longer. I kept the top b___ton of my jeans undone and pinned it to give me a little space in the beginning (I bloated early on too). I did start to show early though and week 13 did it for me. If and when you buy, don't buy a lot. You will soon grow out of the ones you buy and will have to buy larger maternity clothes. I started out buying size small (and they were huge on me) and now wear size L or even x-large! I am 32 weeks along.


Lisa D - October 14

Luckily I had some "fat" clothes around so I wore those until I broke the news at work; but the second I broke the news (at about 9-10 weeks) I was in maternity clothes faster than your head can spin. I was tired of everyone thinking I had gained weight again. I WANTED them to know I had a reason. If you have no issue with people not knowing, wear them now. I was big at 5 weeks. Hard for some people to believe, but it does happen so you are normal.


Dia - October 14

Hi everyone! Thanks for all your answers! I am normally a size 12, do I don't think I could fit into a small! I was thinking about buying just one or 2 pair of maternity pants with a short panel, just to get me through til I really need them! Once again, thanks!


rach - October 15

I'm 10 weeks & just bought a pair of jeans with the little "demi-panel"; they're like jeans but the waist is stretchy & comfy like sweatpants :). ahhh... i can breathe again!



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