When Does Nausea Stop

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Very sick - March 7

Hello Ladies, I'm 10 weeks and have been throwing up since i was six weeks, day and worse at night. I even tried those nausea pills and they worked for a few days and after that, even the sight or thought of swallowing those pills made me sick, so i stopped taking them. Anyone going through the same thing? When does this stop? I haven't got to enjoy my pregnancy since i have been so sick. To top it off i have a bacterial nasal infection, I am taking something for it, but i am so sick. Please help. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Nauseous!! - March 7

Hang in there!! I am 11wks preg and have only puked once, but am soooooooo nauseous all the time I almost wish I would just throw up and get it over with...if I'm hungry I feel sick, after I eat I'm too full and feel sick, there's never a happy medium. Everyone I talk to says after your 1st trimester it goes away, just like that. I've only got 1 week left and you only have 2 so I guess we'll see. My doc says to try to find something that sounds really good to eat and only eat a little bit of it to see what it will do. You've probably already tried that...either way I hope it goes away soon. I hear the 2nd trimester is the best of all. Good luck!


very sick - March 7

Thanks Nauseous, i can't wait till this thing goes away. I feel like i have been sick since January. One more week for you. Hang in there!!!!


tiffani - March 7

When did your nausea begin? With both of my pregnancies it ended around the 4th month, but for the life of me I can't remember when it began.


tiffani - March 7

Also, ginger snaps (cookies) help a lot!


Very Sick - March 7

Thanks Tiffany. I hope mine is done by 12 weeks, 4 months sound too long to be miserable. My nausea started at 6 weeks continuous.


J - March 8

I have it really bad too. It started between 6 and 7 weeks. I am now 9 weeks and all last week I couldn't get off the couch I was so sick. I have only thrown up a few times but feel like I have to 24/7. I don't know how I will make it 3 more weeks. I have tried every method known to man and nothing works!


M - March 8

Mine started to get really bad around week 6 and kind of trailed off by week 10. I still get nauseous if I get too hungry but it's not constant like it was for those 4 weeks. There was just nothing I could do to feel better...


Very Sick - March 8

Thanks J for your input. I hear there are some women who have it all through their pregnancy. I really really hope i am not one of them


Very Sick - March 8

Thanks M. Hope you feel better soon.


13 weeks and counting - March 13

I'm in week 13 and i'm still puking almost every day. I took time off work, which has helped. I have been spending most time in bed and it helps to not move around. After i eat, i try not to move to much for 30 -60 mins. I'm taking reglan, which helps a bit. i think it makes me drowsey. My grandma told me to drink plain hot tea to calm the stomach; be sure to get caffenine free. It helped but my hubby got caffeninated liptin and i was awake for hours after drinking a few cups. good luck!


lisa - March 13

with my twins i was sick the whole time. my ob gave me zofran and it worked wonders. also it does not make you sleepy. i believe at the time i could only use it till like 25 weeks. i am now just about 7 weeks pregnant and am very nauseous, no where near like with my 3 boys. good luck!! hope it stops soon.


Amy - March 23

Hello fellow sufferers! As of yesterday I am exactly 12 weeks. I have been sick since I found out I was pregnant in Feb. I have tried everything for the throwing up and the nausea...nothing is working. I was admitted to the hospital twice for severe dehydration and they were going to put me on a home IV drip but I am trying to avoid that one! This is my first baby by the way and everyone keeps promising that this will start to go away in a couple of weeks. I have tried all the old "home remedies" and every suggestion from every pregnancy book and person that gives advice. Nothing works. The doctors put me on Zofran and it worked for a while but now it's not really working. I guess the only thing that us gals can do is hope that this stops soon and to always know where a bathroom is at all times! Good luck to everyone and lets hope that this doesn't last all the way through our pregnancies!


Heidi - March 23

I too feel like I've been sick since January. It sucks being sick in the winter too as I don't even want to take the poor dog out anymore cus it's so bitter cold out. I can totally relate to all of your posts. I've been just miserable. Although stopping the prenatal pills made me feel better than before, but I still feel sick sometimes. I'm at 10 weeks tomorrow and hope this goes away soon. I'm getting fed up with all these headaches too. Tylenol doesn't help them either.


Nix - March 23

My first pregnancy my morning sickness started at 6 weeks. by 8 weeks it was so bad i was throwing up atleast 3 times on a good day, much more on a bad one. I was on diclectin (sp?) and it only seemed to suppress the vomit, but i still felt sick all the time. It eased up ALOT by 14 weeks and by 16 weeks was pretty much gone. I know it's hard, but hang in there, it will go away eventually. I am having my second day of nausea with my second, but nothing is coming up yet. I'm 4 weeks 6 days, and hoping things aren't as severe as last time. I've heard ginger is good for nausea and heartburn. I can't stand the smell of it right now. I'm eating mints like my life depends on it. It's helping a bit, but very temporary. If you guys find anything else that is working good, let me know, PLEASE, anti-nauseants for morning sickness are expensive (like $3 a pill here in Canada, and you have to take atleast two or three at a time). Good luck and congrats on your pregnancy!


D - March 23

All my sympathies... I quit my prenatal vitamins, and that helped for a few days... Now I'm just miserable 24/7 again. I'm at 10w, and I'm not feeling very optimistic, because my mother was sick for 4 months with both my brother and I. Of all things, watermelon was doing quite well for me... until last night. Now it makes me vomit. I have lost weight so far this pregnancy because I just can't eat...


Tanya - March 23

This is my first pregnancy. I am 10 weeks 1 day. I have been sick since six weeks. I am having a really hard time doing anything. Smells are really getting to me. I just wish this will go away soon because I am starting to feel a liitle depressed. I don't feel like myself at all right now. It is hard to have a positive att_tude when you feel so sick!



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