When Does Nausea Stop

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Tanya - March 23

This is my first pregnancy. I am 10 weeks 1 day. I have been sick since six weeks. I am having a really hard time doing anything. Smells are really getting to me. I just wish this will go away soon because I am starting to feel a liitle depressed. I don't feel like myself at all right now. It is hard to have a positive att_tude when you feel so sick!


Helen - March 23

I bought sea-bands, acupressure wristbands, this week, and I felt drastically better after wearing them for a day. I read about them on a few websites and in the book my doctor gave me. I was skeptical but willing to try anything, and they've really worked for me. You may be able to find them in boating stores, travel agencies, or drugstores. I found mine at Walgreens.


JS - March 24

You poor thing...I am 10 weeks today and my nausea has pretty much stopped. I figured out what foods were worse, and I stay away from them as much as possible. Fried foods were really bad! I also started taking my prenatal vitamin later inthe day, after I had a chance to get something, even if it's just a little, in my stomach. I also still get nauseous if I wait too long to eat, and maybe once in awhile in the mornings, but for the most part it is gone. Good luck!


Sarah - March 25

I would not count on it going away at 12 weeks. I am at 17 weeks and it JUST this week got a little better. Most women find it gets better sometime betewen 12-14 weeks, but it can linger until week 20 is what I have heard. I have noticed, if you keep your blood sugar up you will feel better (ie, eat something sugary every two hours) Also drink a lot of water but not all at once. Keep a sip bottle beside you at all times so you do not have to drink all at once because a large amoung will make you sicker.


Lynn - March 25

I am a little over 4 weeks & haven't had the nausea yet, I have had certain smells not smell so good, things that didn't used to bother me not really stink! I was wondering why I didn't have the nausea yet, but it looks like for most people it starts around 6 weeks..YEAH! something to look forward too! I have also had certain foods that were just o.k. before now taste REALLY good - like blueberry yogurt..


Tigerphoenix - March 26

I started getting sick my 7th week. I cry almost everyday because it hurts so bad. I also have been put on Zofran but my insurance will only pay for 12 in a month. If I have to buy them it is $250. I have to take at least 2 a day for them to work (if they work at all). Ginger Snaps help and is about all I can eat. Also I can eat apple sauce. Im gonna try the band hopefully it works.


S - March 29

Hi everyone. Sorry to hear about those nauseas and puking, because mine are gone,fortunately.I started having pretty bad ones starting week 5-6 and suddenly it all stopped by end of week 9,which alarmed me..since everyone is saying it usually stops by week 12 or so.Just sometimes I feel a little bit quesy,but only when I am hungry. So everyone is different. But everything is alright, Im 11 week along now. Hope your quesiness will be gone soon too!


Laura - April 18

Hello all. In the 11th week and my nausea started getting bad about 2 weeks ago. I have found a miracle solution...GINGER. I started out with the crystallized ginger and have now moved to ginger root pills from GNC. I am amazed at how they make the nausea practially go away. Although this is my 2nd pregnancy and the nausea is not half as bad as with the first one. I am not sure if Ginger or anything else for that matter would have helped me with the last one. But I thank God for the Ginger. My doctor had prescribed me Phenergan but I am hesitant to take any kind of prescription medication. Hang in There All......


Pre Natle Vit - April 18

Try taking the vitamins at night


B - April 21

Hi, I was sick-as-a-dog for a little over six weeks - morning, noon and night. So bad I actually lost 14 pounds! It was the most awful experience of my life. I tried the prescription pills, the remedies and nothing helped. My husband was about ready to drag me to the hospital and the doctor about ready to give me an IV. Every smell in the world would set me off (my poor husband had to brew his coffee on our front porch...in the SNOW!). And, forget about the vitamins...no way. People kept telling me how it was going to end - I just kept thinking I was going to die. BUT, sure enough, at about week 12, it turned. Just like that! Now, I'm about 15 weeks along and, although I have an occasional "green day," I'm feeling much, much better...so, hang in there!! Don't give up hope!! It's true - it does subside around 12 weeks! You have to keep rea__suring yourself that it will end! I was so depressed - just felt lied to about this whole pregnancy thing (all the books talk about "magic" and what a "glorious" time it is for a woman. Horse poop! None tell you how bad the first few months really, truly are!). But, when I finally heard the heartbeat, it all seemed "real" and worth it! Just hang on - a little while longer and you'll be A-Okay! :)


Morgan - April 21

I had the worst case of nausea, thats how I found out I was pregnant, it is my first pregnancy and I was sick constantly all day and all night for 3 weeks straight... finally I saw my OBGYN and they told me that I needed to try eating small snacks all day like crackers and grapes. I don't know if you like peanut b___ter but eating a piece of bread with peanut b___ter really helped me at first. The other thing I have are these handy bracelets called "Sea Bands" they go around your wrist and they are designed to press against your preasure points to relieve nausea THEY ARE AMAZING!!!! I have only been sick once since then and I am now in my 9th week, and I can eat a lot more now. Good Luck!


lis - April 25

WHere do you find the SEa BAnd?


Jodi - April 27

WIth my first pregnancy, I was super nauseous from weeks 8-12. But, I swear, come the first few days of the second trimester it was gone like that and I was back to the gym and had so much energy and felt great. So, hang in there, you will feel like a different person come the 2nd trimester.


Karen - April 28

I'm 9 weeks and started to have nausea at my 6th week. I'll at least vomit 1 or 2 times a day and It's really suffering for me. I hope we all can get through it soon & start eto enjoy our pregnancy. :-)


stacey - April 29

I am 9 weeks tomorow. I started feeling nauseous around 5-6 weeks, but I am finding that it's starting to slack off now. This kind of worries me. I still feel sick sometimes, but usually only in the afternoons. Doesn't nausea typically get better at more like 12 weeks?


Jen - April 29

I am nauseous too. I read that it is a good sign that the pregnancy is progressing etc. Has anyone else heard that?



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