When Does Nausea Stop

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Jen - April 29

I am nauseous too. I read that it is a good sign that the pregnancy is progressing etc. Has anyone else heard that?


Kay - May 4

Hello Ladies, All I can say is that this has been a horrible experience, indeed. The first symptom of my pregnancy was nausea. Even before I noticed my period was late. I'm now 10-weeks and I'm feeling the nausea lift, slightly. But I still have the constant yucky taste in my mouth. I too have been on Zofran and tried ALL the home remedies. Nothing helps. With my son, all the nausea stopped after 12 weeks, on the dot. Boy am I praying for a repeat. Sometimes, I think this stage of pregnancy is the worse. It's very lonely and miserable. I wish everybody well...


sandra - May 5

what is good to use for nausea


J - May 11

I, too, started feeling nauseous at around six weeks. When I was pregnant with my daughter it didn't let up until at least week 14. This is my second child and I feel like I know more of the tricks to keeping things under control. The Sea Bands have been AMAZING! Also, drinking lemon ginger tea helped, as has drinking lemon-lime soda after eating (and I don't ever normally drink soda) Maybe it's the fizz?


Lynn - May 20

I am reading everyone's post, and since this is my 3rd pregnancy (12 weeks), I wanted to share something with all of you. My first pregnancy was the worst-vomiting non-stop, even 10-12 times a day and heartburn all the time. My second one was much better, just morning sickness. That went away at about 3-4 months. Now I have learned a few things. Try to eat small meals very frequently. Don't wait till you starve, that's how you get nausea. Eat before you feel that gargle in your stomach, trust me it helps. I don't feel like eating too, but I force myself to eat and after the first two bites it is a lot easier. I have also heard that when you have heartburn, it means that you do not have enough acid in your stomach. Putting acid into your system actually helps. I always thought that a salad with cuc_mbers and tomatoes or fruits would only make it worse, but no, they actually help. I am very sensitive to smell now, I can’t even be close to my own dog-bathed or not. I too don’t feel like myself, but I am not vomiting except for once every morning. I know that all of this will go away very soon, so I try to hang in there. Good luck to all of you!


Babygirl - May 21

I am 14 weeks and I have been nauseas the entire time. Sometimes I don't think it will ever let up. Foods I use to like I can't stand. I have tried everything and nothing helps. Crackers, ginger, teas,


MJ - May 23

Hi Ladies who are suffering. This is my fourth pregnancy (I miscarried my third). I am only 6 weeks but sooooo sick. All of my pregnancies are like this. In my first pregnancy, the nausea and vomiting pretty much stopped after week 12. In my second pregnancy, it stayed until the 8 month! In my third, it stayed until I miscarried. I've tried herbal ginger tea and ginger ale. They help a little. I've also read that eating mostly carbs can help (breads, pasta without tomato sauce). Make sure you eat small amounts of whatever you can stomach, frequently and stay away from fried foods and acidic foods (tomato sauce, orange juice). Also, keep some crackers by the bed so you can snack on them before getting out of bed in the morning. Hope that helps.


anonymous - July 19

don't feel bad I am at 17 weeks and have been extremely ill since 6 weeks at around 11 weeks I had to start taking Diclecting I was hospitalized 2 times. I tried getting off the pills and strated throwing up again. I never have cravings because I never have an appet_te. I have to force food down I have lost 15 pounds and haven't gained anything. I am in week 18 and desparate.


ashley - July 30

talk to your doctor about the drug zofran. it can really help without making your drowsy like some of the other drugs out there. i haven't been throwing up, but i get extremely nauseated and this helps some. i have had many friends that were vomiting all the time and this completely stopped the vomiting and took the edge off some of the nausea. it is the same drug they give to chemo patients. i was concerned about putting medication into my body, but with a husband and a 17 month old, i have been useless and no help in the house. talk to your doctor and see if it works for you. hope that helps!


A - August 2

I am six weeks pregnant and I have just started experiencing morning sickness. I am so disappointed because up until this point I was feeling so good and I was determined that I was not going to get sick. We have decided not to tell anyone that I am pregnant until 12 weeks. I feel so alone and isolated because I can't talk to anyone about it. I have friends that I know have experienced it and I would love to receive advice and help. I have been crying all morning this morning because I just feel so awful and feel so alone.


sue - August 2

A- first thanks for bumping this thread, Its such a relief to know that other get really sick so much. I posted in the March due thread that I have gotten vilently ill lately. I had to even leave a resturaunt because I got so ill. It seems like I have to keep making a list, "ok don't eat THAT again", last night baked beans, sounded good, protein+fiber sounds great. Uh nope, I lost the entire meal real quickly, had to lie down for the rest of the night. I'm 9 1/2 weeks along and its not letting up. SO far eating crakers has helped, I also make sure if I lose a meal I at least get some soup in. A- for telling people I know how hard it is, I have never been Pg now after 10+ years and at 38 here I am. I told my Mom and family at the first + home test because I have wanted to give that news my whole life. As for work, other friends and DH's family we waited until the U/S at 8weeks and saw the heartbeat. Once we did our chances of m/c were greatly reduced. I know all about the fear of telling people and then losing the baby, we decided that since we have been tring for so long we were going to share the happiness as much as we could. I we lose the baby it wouldn't make much of a difference on weather we told people or not IMO. Waiting for the 1st trimester to end is totaly understandable, but don't be too afraid to share, people I think might be more understanding if somthing tragic occured if they knew already and like I said sharing the news is just way fun!


A - August 2

Sue, thank you for sharing your experiences and advice with me. I really appreciate it.


Lulu - August 8

I am almost 9 weeks and its my first,I feel so sick everyday, all day.No vomiting but nausea all day.I heard that this should be gone after the first trimester.I am just glad to know that there are many woman in this with me.I hope all of you can start feeling better soon.


AMANDA - August 18



Erin - August 18

My nausea didn't ease until I was hospitalized for over a week and the doctors tried about a dozen different meds on me.. finally found one that works (Thorazine) and I'm still taking it three times a day or I'll get sick.. I'm 12-13 weeks now so hopefully I can stop taking it soon


Lori - August 19

I was in the same boat, I am almost 12 weeks, my doc had me try sea-bands, which it took a few days but it helps. No meds, its accu-pressure on the nerves in your wrists



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