When Does Nausea Stop

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Lori - August 19

I was in the same boat, I am almost 12 weeks, my doc had me try sea-bands, which it took a few days but it helps. No meds, its accu-pressure on the nerves in your wrists


Connie - August 22

I too thought I would get by without the nausea. Mine kicked in at about 6 1/2 weeks and it's been none stop for the last two weeks. I'm now 8 weeks pregnant. I've tried just about everything and nothing seems to work. I've become very irritable at work during the mornings. I've told a couple of people close to me so they would understand. This just sucks. I can't wait until this part of the pregnancy is over. From listening to everyone, I have a long way to go.


.... - August 22

Where do you get the Sea Bands at?


why me - August 22

this is soo bad,i have two small children,my husband is working all day ,and iam staying home with the children to save money. i am trying to be my fun self around them but it is very hard.iam sick all day long....ever herd of pregnancy lolly pops?


~Terra - August 23

Hi "very sick" I was sick as a dog with my first born, but I also wasn't completely healthy when I concieved, I wasn't taking my pre-natal vitamins and wasn't eating the greatest, I found that made a difference, I'm currently around 9 wks preg, with my second, and I'm feeling alot of nausea too, through out the day and evenings, *mornings too* but I found once it past and I got some decent food in my, it did help, I found the only way I could get up in the mornings were CRACKERS, saltines, nibble away through the nausea sip some water, and the first time it pa__ses, get up and start moving, but dont' get up to fast!


nicole - September 28

i sick with i dont know can anone tell me i have soar throt. couf,stuffy nose and my voice is gone.


Depressed&Nautious - September 28

Ugghhh! I'm 9 weeks, pregnant with my third and have been extremely nautious lately, throwing up at least once a day. It have been sick since my 6th week, but it has recently gotten worse within the past 2 weeks. In 2 weeks, I have lost 5 pounds. I have been getting dizzy a lot and feeling very weak. I've missed a lot of work and feel like such a loser. I am so irritable and cranky at home with my kids and my fiancee. I have also sunk into a bit of depression. I just got divorced 6 months ago from an abusive man and am now engaged to be married again, after the engagement we found out we were pregnant. I haven't wanted him touching me at all lately, I just want to be left alone. We were scheduled to be married this November, but I postponed it because of how horrible i have been feeling. I know I love this man, but I get confused because I can't tell if it's the pregnancy or my real feelings that cause me to be distant from him. Anyone going through the same thing?


kara - October 4

I agree w/ Jen...Zofran is the answer...It's very expensive, I pay $30 for 9 pills, that's w/ insurance, I figured out the other day that it cost $43 a pill!!! So, I only take one pill a day. My nausea is so bad that it's still there after taking the pill, but the zofran makes it manageable


Karen - October 6

Hi ladies. I'm coming to the end of 13 weeks and my nausea started about the 7th week. Although I never threw up, I came d__n close on occasions. The bouts of nausea were very debilitating - lasting a few minutes to several long hours. I found I was most nauseated in the evening starting after the work day until about 10 p.m. or so and at lunch. If I had to bet money on it I would say this relates to when I likely was most hungry. But I would find that even after eating I didn't feel too much better and would just have to let it pa__s. Although the nausea is not as often any more it's still hanging around but I can say it has improved. When it does worsen - I am now closer to throwing up then ever before. I don't know what to think but I sure hope that the second trimester is all it is marked to be - more energy, no nausea and feeling good. Hang in there ladies. I guess its all worth it in the end.


ldtrchs - November 22

Hi There; Yeah I had the same thing and they almost put me in the hospital, but my doctor tried a really good anti-nausea drug called zofran..worked wonders! But the downside is most insurance companies only allow a small amt of pills a mth because it is sooo expensive. Im only allowed 8 a mth...so i still have days where I feel like Im dying


Ruthb - January 13

Hello! I'm 24 yrs old and this is my frist pregnancy. I have now 4 weeks and it has been terrible because I also feel very nauseous all day long. I feel disgusted with all the food and even with my own boyfriend!! and this is a very weird feeling for me. Something that is helping me with the throwing up has been chewing minty gum, drinking some water with lemon, and eating some minty candy. I hope at least one of these help you. Good Luck!!! you can contact me with any new suggestions at: [email protected]oo.com


afwife86 - September 6

Hi ladies, I just found out I was pregnant but I have been nothing but nauseous since last week. I cant eat and my stomach always hurts. Its to the point where I cant even keep water down. Hopefully you all feel better soon but I think mine is going to be here for awhile.


sarah21 - September 6

If it gets too bad, see your doctor about getting something to help. My morning sickness started at 6 weeks and didn't go away until a few days ago (I am almost 12 weeks). They make a lot of prescriptions that help and are not hazardous to the baby.


mgn - September 7

i have read all these posts as I am soooooo sick all the time. it made me feel better to read that some of you feel sad and isolated. it is really hard to not feel like myself. i have always been very active and healthy and happy and i thought once we knew we were pregnant that i would be over the moon but it is so hard to feel happy when i feel soooo bad inside. i just hope this pa__s's soon and i can get some energy to do things. god bless all of us. mgn


Julie - October 29

That so werid because that is exactly the same thing that happened to me. Even with the nasal infection. Im 12 weeks and 5 days and Im still sick and throwing up. My mom tells me she was sick the entire time of her pregnancy. If this is ne, then this is going to be a looonnng pregnancy.


Shiva - October 30

I hope you don't mind joining me!! I am 7w2d today and feeling very sick since I started my 06week. I am throwing like anything i can't tollerate any food smell. and simple water is making me crazy. after drinking I have to go for throw. Only one thing I can eat and that's plain yogurt with salt. like I tell you since today morning I am already throw up two times and I haven't eaten much yet. and when I think for eating I feel throwing up feeling. I dont want to get dehydration but as i said I cant tollerate water also what should I do? and for any specific food you have to suggest?? Thanks for helping everyone!!



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