When Does Nausea Stop

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Shiva - October 30

I hope you don't mind joining me!! I am 7w2d today and feeling very sick since I started my 06week. I am throwing like anything i can't tollerate any food smell. and simple water is making me crazy. after drinking I have to go for throw. Only one thing I can eat and that's plain yogurt with salt. like I tell you since today morning I am already throw up two times and I haven't eaten much yet. and when I think for eating I feel throwing up feeling. I dont want to get dehydration but as i said I cant tollerate water also what should I do? and for any specific food you have to suggest?? Thanks for helping everyone!!


happie23 - April 20

Try eating watermelon and popcorn. Those have been lifesavers for me!


Pregnantlady - May 16

I've read all the comments above and i definitely HEAR you all. I'm also suffering from nausea and vomiting. For those of you who are feeling lonely and miserable - all these other women including myself are here to listen to you.....My advice to myself and all is take each day as it comes....Be kind to yourself and remember to eat frequently!!! Love and hugs to all xxx


youngmama21 - June 4

I'm at 9 weeks now and I was really sick from like 5 weeks to about this week. I'm not sure if it's normal, but i haven't been really sick at all this week...so i guess my question is...Is it normal to stop being so sick by week 9?


nicolerenee - June 5

I have a question about morning sickness, i should be posting my own little forum but i cant seem to find the thing for it. I just found out im 5 weeks pregnant im 18 and scared, the nausia wont go away so my doctor prescribed me zofran ODT, im scared to take it cause it was prescribed before the doctor knew i was pregnant. the pharmasits say that it should be alright, they usually use it for women 10-33 weeks but my stomach it getting worse and i cant sleep anymore because im constantly sick. the pharmasist told me to talk to the doctor about diclectin, but i dont know if i should try either,im just scared of the risks and for this being my 1st child, im at a loss right now. should i just wait this morning sickness out? is there anyone out there that have tried these products and their baby came out healthy? i have heard some aweful stories about both drugs which is why im really skeptical.. i really need help. ):


PinkAmerican - June 6

Nicolerenee, If you read the previous pages of this thread, you'll see a lot of ladies opinions on anti-nausea meds, including Zofran. Read those post and you'll probably be able to get to an answer you're comfortable with.


Floricica - June 7

It goes away during ur second Trimester. It will just go away and then you will feel great. Just a matter of time. To help feeling sick, force yourself to eat dry crackers or dry toast n drink gingerale. This helped me to feel a lot better. Also take ur pill before u go to sleep at night.


Shlee - June 28

I'm 24 weeks and have not thrown up once but feel sick 24/7. The only thing that normally helps me when im sick oddly enough is eating. Certain foods ease my nausea..Mainly fruit especially grapes.


Lily_Sydney - July 20

Hi guys. I've just joined this site as ive just found out im pregnant - 4 weeks along. I had to go online as i'm experiencing the worst possible nausea - having previously worked as a nurse, ive always said pain is easier to handle compared to nausea. It just won't let up - forget morning sickness, its lasted all day for the past 10 days. I've just taken my second day off work, which im upset about - as i think realistically i won't be able to function effectively feeling like this, and ive only been in this job for 8 months - so there goes that career. My notions of glowing complections and feeling fabulous while pregnant have gone out the window. Instead im planning for my wedding which is 9 weeks away when feeling truly awful, my career is now potentially over, my fiance works 3 hours from home and im feeling quite terrible physically. But thank you for posting your comments as it makes me feel better knowing others are/have gone through the nausea and survived. My pregnancy is really not the best of timing, but hopefully it gets better...Thanks again.


Lily_Sydney - July 20

any suggestions for remedies for nausea would be greatly appreciated. Off to go lie down, yet again...


mrstusevljak - August 28

I feel horrible. I am 9 weeks this wednesday and since week 5 I have had horrible nausea. Different smells make me gag and I have lost 10 lbs because I just keep throwing up. The doctor perscribed Zofran, it helped night 1 but then did not help after that. I called again for the next highest meds and he told me to go to ER for fluids. I work at the hospital, the last thing I need is fluids, I drink water all day long. I am getting sick and tired of puking all the time. I hope it ends soon. I can not even get through a day of work. I am exhausted all the time. I am sleeping an average of 13 hrs a day. Then when I get to work I almost fall asleep again.


noelnjesse - September 13

omg girls trust me stick to pepperments they work wonders. i am going on 11 weeks this friday i am due apr 8 2011.


noelnjesse - September 13

omg girls stick to pepperments they work wonders. i am going on 11 weeks this friday due apr 8 2011


amandapanda887 - June 4

Hello everyone, well I have been feeling extremely nauseous day & night, to no end. I have been taking b-6 vitamins, because I read somewhere that's supposed to help and I've been eating crackers, and drinking warm gingerale, which helps for a while. It gets me feeling a little bit more normal until later at night. My family generally eats fatty foods and such so I really have no idea what pregnant women are supposed to be eating. I'm on the heavier side and I had my period in the begenning of march, I had s_x in late april and have been feeling crazy nauseous and had really bad heartburn. I've taken four pregnancy tests and they all came out negative. I'm going to see the doctor today to figure out what's going on. Hopefully they will do a blood test so I can know for sure. I sure hope that this doesn't end up being an entire pregnancy nausea fest because I dont know if I could handle that.


ricks - March 20

I am 11 weeks pregnant as of today. I woke up this morning and was finally not nauseous, I have been since 6 weeks...was on zofran which worked miracles- prescribed by my doctor. I threw up every morning, took zofran and felt better for most of the day. I hope im pa__sed the nausea part. my friends say it pa__ses and then you party away for the rest. Cant wait to finally have an appet_te again. Good Luck!


beautifulpackage - April 4

I am almost 14 weeks and was soooo sick from 6 weeks till 12 weeks...its tapering off now, I'm hoping it will be completely gone by 16 weeks....I was taking Zofran as well, it worked miracles in the beginning but then the nausea started coming through the medication! LOL



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