When Does The Bloating Go Down

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Nadine-B - June 24

Hi everyone, I know it's normal to bloat in the first trimester, but when does the bloating ease off? I am 9 weeks pregnant with my 4th child but look like I am 5 months along already. I have been this bloated since I was about 6 or 7 weeks pregnant, and yes the possibility of twins has crossed my mind( highly unlikely) especially when my 4Y.O insists that mummy is having two, a boy and a girl! Hoping he is wrong!!!! Did any of you find that all of a sudden the bloating just went down, I can't remember what happened with my other pregnancies.


Rhonda - June 25

I was wondering the same thing.I am sooo bloated.my clothes wanna fit me tight,but maternity clothes would be to big.


Lala - June 26

I'm also 9 weeks, and bloated. People have just started telling me that I am showing. I really don't think this is true, and I keep telling them it's just the pregnancy bloating. Won't they be surprised when my "baby bump" dissapears for a couple of months--LOL. It's funny Nadine, you're worried about twins, and I've always wished for twins. I'm carring just one, though, as I've already had US. You know, though, after you've been pregnant before, you do start showing sooner.


ezwaggy - June 26

Hi all, I'm 12 weeks today and I feel like the bloating has eased up a little - now I'm just ga__sy! LOL But people that know started telling me a couple weeks ago I was showing, but I KNOW I was just super bloated. I think changing my diet a little helped too - no roasted squash and stuff like that. More protein maybe? Hope this helps!


Nadine-B - June 26

Thanks for your replies. I guess on the positive I have skipped the looking fat part of the pregnancy and gone straight to the looking pregnant part. Maternity clothes have become a staple part of my wardrobe at the moment even though I was hoping to hold off buying any for a few months yet. My sister-in-law is 7 months along with her 1st and at 6 weeks I was showing heaps more than her, even my grandfather is picking on me saying that its quads and that I am 6 months not 2, gotta love family support LOL. As for the twins thing I guess I'll have to wait for my ultrasound(whenever that will be) to put my mind to rest. Hope to chat to you all again soon.



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